Accursed Fate – Cruel Humans

Cruel Humans

On a bright and sunny day, the sky was free of clouds, the heavens were observable in all their blue glory, and on this day in a certain village a child had just been born.

The cries of a newborn could be heard loudly through the walls and the door of the simple wooden house, within one could observe an exhausted looking woman, with long brown hair, holding this crying child tightly to her chest, her face however shone with pure happiness and warmth as her eyes firmly gazed at her baby.

She was lying in bed, her lower half covered by bedsheets, and her upper body was propped up with several pillows.

On a chair next to her sat a burly man, with short black hair, wearing a loose shirt and pants with suspenders, he too had only eyes for this child, he wore a bright smile on his face as he kept adjusting the position of his head, at one moment looking at the baby, whereas at the next he would look at the woman, after some time he could no longer contain himself and reached out with both of his arms to embrace the woman that was holding the newborn

Chapter end

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