Accursed Fate – Hopelessness


Clothed in a long dark blue robe, adorned with golden lines and clear diamond-like gems on its outer surface, with a rather plain crown that has since turned light brown due to its age on his head, King Lysander Van Tale sat at one end of a long dining table.

On the other end sat a middle-aged man, his formal clothing gave him a royal aura, but with his head lowered and the shaking of his body, he immediately appeared of lesser status.

The space on the table between them was lavishly decorated with candelabras and fancy tablecloths.

Maids quietly entered the hall, hushing by the fully armoured guards around the room to approach both of the seated men, and place metal trays right in front of them.

They lifted the lids that covered the trays, and warm steam that carried a pleasant and rich smell wafted into their noses.

The source: one big cut of what looked like a steak, accompanied by a colourful variety of vegetables and crunchy bread with a soft inside.

A sauce was carefully trickled over the entire tray, finishing off the aesthetic of the meal.

Glasses of purple wine already stood beside the trays, along with the suitable cutlery.

His Royal Majesty turned his sight away from the man, onto the food.

He picked up the sharp knife and fork and began to eat, he was, however, the only one to do so.

Lord Sparrowbrook shuddered continuously, the smell made his mouth water involuntarily, but he was not in the mood to eat,

Chapter end

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