Beyond spirit realm of the starry sky – CHAPTER 2


…. but husband how can she go to that forest by herself she is not strong enough to go near that forest

don't worry about her madam she is smart she can do it

too much care also harmful for children. if you say so ok husband song Qian spoke with some worry

At this time ye kaishan was watching all this it looks like they are her parents her mother and her mother's Dao companion in this world Dao companion are like there husband also their foundation for cultivation Dao companion can enter and exit from there grotto heaven created by both of them in time of cultivation female support yin and male support yang part in cultivation

but why she wants go to the Loman Forest is something related to her I am not worried as she is reborn person

let's continue to see by whole night of studying my ability, I have mastered the teleportation

I can teleport anywhere in this continent well it is not an offensive ability but it can be used for fleeing in extreme condition well I can use only three times a day by that time skill tree will be in exhaustion period it will reenergize in 24 hours.

[spirit realm, soul spirit (Dao companion awakening creating grotto heaven inside sub space), soul breaking, soul forging, soul body soul nirvana, soul star, soul creation, spirit tribulation, soul saint, soul saint king, soul great saint, spirit ancient saint, soul emperor...]

Here song yan left the song clan with a flying treasure towards Loman Forest

Ye kaishan was seeing from the sub space song yan was flying over the villages. There were flying islands, mountains they were floating in the sky some were still on their place some were floating aimlessly

Soon song yan landed on an island after half day of travel on a huge island she can't travel continuously 

Aah… I have exhausted my sprit energy my body is too weak I can't even travel for half a day

Sigh…I am void empress if it was my previous self I can travel hundreds of thousands of miles with just a step now after reborn my space ability also gone but I have experience and knowledge with me in this life I have to surpass my previous self

If ye kaishan wants he can travel Loman Forest in a second but if he did song yan can detect his presence in her sub space

He knows his condition very well if he removes space distortion his soul and song yan soul will link each other even in space distortion he clearly fills his soul is attracting towards song yan soul 

song yan soul was not affected by his soul because space distortion is stronger outside that's why song yan didn't feel his presence song yan is a reborn person so ye kaishan wants to observe her for some time before he reveal himself before her

now song yan sat on a plain slab in a certain cave after two hrs of she regained her energy and ready to fly at this time. she sensed a space disturbance to the strange slab under a tree

the slab was very strange it was plain not a spot of scratch or anything her space abilities are gone but she is very attentive towards space dao and she clearly felt traces of dao on this slab

naturally ye kaishan long discovered this thing because of space-time skill tree his senses also surpassed normal standards he can sense very clearly there is a cave behind that space disturbance

I have heard that these broken flying islands are the result of war between the blood demon and white demon race with divine beast phoenix clan that war was happened thousand years ago although both races retreated but its impact was too severe it can be seen after thousands of years

Thinking about that song yan approached the slab she thought that some space related treasure has fallen into this place she touched the slab but nothing happened she immediately ran her space technique

I saw void cracked like broken mirror a super suction sucked in song yan with a very powerful force

she tried to resist the suction but it was useless she transported into a strange cave which was dark but nor dark light spiritual stones were set on the walls which was paving the path to a certain place in the long cave

Ye kaishan also alarmed by that suction he travelled to this world not long and he did not want to perish in this cave

Song yan walked towards the place where light was illuminating after reaching the place

when she saw that scene, she stunned for a moment I saw there was a pond in middle of the place and four rocks were placed on the four-direction surrounding the pond I the middle of the pond there was a lotus which radiating with bluish green light

That's not over the water in the pond is Dao liquid which is a saint material for cultivation

But that's not surprised her most it was the lotus she has never seen the lotus but read in texts of ancients.

it described as a lotus which blooms in the long river of time it called as crustal time lotus it was named like this because of its special features it looks like a lotus made of crystal and rune related to time covering over it found only one in the long river of time which is one of taboo things and one of the five great rivers

It's special and no one knows it uses very well because time river is very hard to found and the lotus is treasure which sought by many emperors

Song yan was at this time very excited one of the taboo level treasures was Infront of her she unconsciously stepped on a certain mechanism which trembled the whole cave the four rocks surrounding pond cracked

The four female generals made of rocks emerged from the rock. by seeing this song yan guessed by spirit pressure that four of them are in saint realm

Sure, thing how can one eat melon for free you have to pay the price for it but this price is too expensive I can handle cultivator up to pill formation by my sheer experience and my knowledge technique but the gap is too huge I will instantly kill by these generals

Song yan was in fighting position she wore a long cyan dress she pulled her sword and when she saw towards the four generals at this time the sword was on the neck of song yan and four of them were standing surrounding her a cold sweat was on the fore head of song yan this all happened in the blink of an eye is this end...

At this side ye kaishan already ran his time skill a blue green light was radiating from song yan s body ad strange runes were also coming out of ye kaishan and appear on song yan

Seeing this light the lotus was violently reacting all four generals were stopped at this moment and began to retreat the bluish green light only for a moment of a second but it saved the head

Song yan was also stunned at this moment she was confused where did that light come from, she probed her well but she didn't find any traces of light 

Oh, this lotus seems to know the power of time when I used my skill earlier which will immobilize the statue it will gain time to escape her from here but I didn't expect them to retreat

Suddenly a golden soul emerged from the lotus its appearance it was radiating very strong heat it was like the soul itself was burning it was just a trace of a soul but it was enough to make a saint nervous the was a woman with silk golden hair it was she walked out of a painting like fallen fairy long legs jade like face long legs and a phoenix crown

The woman opened her eyes slowly she looked at song yan with calm eyes there was no malice no killing intent in her eyes

So, song yan felt much relaxed, at that time ye kaishan also felt something weird he felt that the soul woman was actually staring at him but how is this possible I'm at sub space how can she notice me.

The woman after seeing song yan and ye kaishan

My name is feng ying I am the phoenix emperor of the fire phoenix clan what's your name young one 

feng ying asked with a gentle tone. My name is song yan, song yan said with calm look. feng ying slightly surprised with her calm look because even a saint will feel pressure talking with her it needs great mental strength for standing before her

Song yan has seen many empresses and this speck of soul not make much impact on her.

Song yan you are able to enter this place which means you have some understanding on space dao

Yes, I can understand space dao song yan answered bluntly

Very good I was waiting for someone to enter this place you should have heard about the war between demo and phoenix clan in that war I was injured by bone devouring emperor

So, I found this in my last moments and died here by severe injuries to speak direct I want to pass this phoenix seal to my daughter feng xian'er of course I will not let you do that for free

If you do that, I have my life time techniques, resources and an internal elixir of an emperor beast.

After listening to her song yan was not very excited she was void empress in her previous life she was least excited towards techniques but elixir of emperor beast was tempting but before that she has to go loman forest to retrieve that thing if or she will not be able to progress in her cultivation.

Feng ying saw her expression and frowned because someone other than her was there he would readily agree but song yan was as calm as ever

At this time song yan responded with blunt expression to feng ying, your excellency your offer is very tempting but you can see I am only in the soul spirit realm and I did not awaken my Dao companion and it is inevitable, I can't progress further.

Feng ying frowned after hearing song yan, she sensed long ago the realm of song yan which was mediocre at her age and she can clearly sense that she didn't link her soul with her Dao companion.

Chapter end

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