Beyond the vision – The heart of the symbol

The heart of the symbol

As Tamika stood before the altar, she felt a sense of resignation wash over her. She was trapped, with no clear escape route. The cult members surrounded her, their blank faces a testament to their mind control. Arachne's son, the figure who had initially sparked hope, now seemed lost in his own world, his eyes fixed on the floor.

The air was heavy with incense, and the symbols on the walls seemed to pulse with an otherworldly energy. Tamika's heart raced as Arachne began to chant, her voice low and hypnotic. The followers joined in, their voices rising and falling in a haunting melody.

Tamika felt a strange sensation wash over her, as if she were being pulled into a trance. She tried to resist, but her eyelids grew heavy, and her thoughts became foggy. The chanting grew louder, more intense, and Tamika felt herself being drawn into a dark, abyss-like void.

Suddenly, Arachne's son spoke up, his voice clear and strong.

Chapter end

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