Born From a Forbidden Union, Humanity hates me. – Chapter 68: New goals, and no more resting

Chapter 68: New goals, and no more resting

After Orion ended his conversation with Tiohr-nam, he returned to his room.

rHe had new goals, and he acquired a powerful ally, Karteira.

rWhat he had to do from now on was straightforward, but still incredibly difficult. Following his father's advice on the ring's new purpose, it will be useful for finding great amount of corruption closest to his location.

rWith the ring in hand, it will be easier to locate the Apostles, and help avoid unnecessary blood from being spilled.

rHe remembered the offer an Apostle named Florian spoke about before. The matter will be resolved the moment Orion get close to the cities in question. If there is no traces of corruption, maybe he could slightly depend on these people.

rThere was a lot to think about this, but after hearing Tiohr-nam speak about not making harsh decisions, he decided to contain his cautiousness.

rFinding new allies, killing Apostles, and hunt down the corruption that plague the earth. Finding his mother's ring, improving his Overdrive abilities, and watching over Amelia. There was so many things to do.

rAfter moving out of the fairies realm, Orion still had to move around the continent to find the arachnea and the elemental factions, which he had no idea where to look for this time.

rDuring the night, Orion brought the artifact he received from the merchant a few months ago. The branch with the jewels, the silk and the beetle. After remembering what happened before he entered the realm, he deduced that maybe, the only lead he has was this.

rThe beetle was obviously referring to the fairies. The jewels would most likely represent the elementals, and the silk the arachnea.

rBut how could such an artifact as convenient as this exist in the first place? Why a middle aged merchant woman possessed such a thing? Why did she give it to Orion out of all people? Who was this person?

rMany questions that would remain unanswered. In the end, Orion stopped thinking about it, as he carefully placed the branch in it's cloth.

rWhen doing that, he realized that looking for these hidden factions was in no way related to his hunts. It was only for his own benefits. As a lover of history, he had to find them and learn more about them.

rIn the end, he had no real destination in mind once he moved out of the realm, the ring and the artifact will lead his steps from now on.

rAnd that was it for his last day of rest. He enjoyed his dinner with Amelia, and ended his night talking of his plans with Amelia.


rThe day finally arrived.

rOrion opened his eyes slowly. He slept well, but there was something that bothered him in his core.

rHis energy was overflowing. He couldn't wait any longer, he had to move his body. He had to train, try new things, sweat.

rTaking a break was great, he managed to acquire more knowledge about the fairy faction, and enjoyed his time relaxing. But that was enough.

rHe stood up, eager to get back to his training session. He put his hunter clothes on, his black pants, his grey shirt, and even his black cape, and without a sound, exited the room. Without waking Amelia, he walked outside the mansion.

rThe sun was slightly over the horizon. This morning was refreshing for Orion. He exited the mansion and pondered on where to go. There was a chance he could find Karteira in the training ground, but he wanted to train alone this morning.

rOrion tried something he haven't done until know because there was no need to. He enhanced his own speed and activated the First Gear. Since Amelia was not with him, he was only able to use his left leg's First Gear. Nothing crazy would happen this morning.

rFeeling the light element flowing through his body, he left the place at the same speed the Second Gear was able to bring without a word.

rHe arrived at the rocks a few kilometers away from the village in five minutes, completely drenched in sweat.


Chapter end

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