Crazy! Are You Really A Beast Tamer? – Chapter 8 - 8: 8: Qualifications of the Tide Player!_1

Chapter 8 - 8: 8: Qualifications of the Tide Player!_1

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Fang Mus gear broom was bought two years ago.

Fang Mu is very good at cooking and doing housework.

However, when Yan Wood was at home, she never allowed Fang Mu to do any chores.

Yan wood is a passionate person.

This made Yan Woods affection for Fang Mu impossible for him to refuse.

It wasnt until Yan Wood started college and became busier.

That Fang Mu started taking responsibility for household chores.

This gear broom was bought by Fang Mu for three thousand federal currency for housework.

The price is comparable to the robotic vacuum cleaner from his previous life.

Every gear broom has a different personality.

Fang Mus gear broom is very clingy, as clingy as a ragdoll cat.

When Fang Mu uses the gear broom to sweep, it makes a suck, suck, suck air flow noise.

This made Yan Wood nickname Fang Mus gear broom as Sucky.

Despite finding the name rather odd, Fang Mu continued to use it.

Whenever he did a major clean-up with Sucky, Fang Mu didnt need to do anything.

He just needed to hold onto Suckys handle and accompany it.

Fang Mus home is a two-story building.

The area is about 280 square meters.

Even though housing prices in the Beastmaster world do not compete with Fang Mus previous life.

A two-story building is not cheap at all.

This property was left over by Fang Mus parents before their pet breeding base went bankrupt.REad updated stries at n




Every corner of the room is filled with warm memories of the family together.

Every time Fang Mu and Sucky did a major clean-up, it took almost an hour.

During this hour, Fang Mu and Sucky would converse about various issues.

Sucky, the lowest-leveled mechanical spirit, has a very romantic mindset.

It enjoys listening to some of the stories Fang Mu read from the internet in his previous life.

Because of significant blood loss today, even though Fang Mu can accompany Sucky doing housework, he still feels somewhat weak.

So, Fang Mu talked less.

Most of the conversations were initiated by Sucky.

Just as the major cleanup was about to end, Fang Mu heard Sucky rotating the gears,

And seriously and expectantly asked him a question.

Fang Mu, do you think a mechanical heart can dream of electronic butterflies? Sucky asked.

Suckys words left Fang Mu slightly taken aback.

Originally, Fang Mu told Sucky the story of Zhuang Zhous Dream of Butterfly, because he was too eager to awaken the Destiny Guidebook.

Now, Fang Mu has successfully awakened the Destiny Guidebook and even has two Destiny Guardian Beasts.

So, in Fang Mus case, he has already dreamt of the butterfly.

However, Sucky, as a gear broom, a domestic beast, which cannot even be even considered a Guardian Beast,

Simply has no room for advancement.

Unless another third situation occurs at Fang Mus thats enough to break the common knowledge of the Dragon Soaring Federation.

Fang Mu knew that if he told Sucky that a mechanical heart can never dream of electronic butterflies,

Sucky would probably be so disappointed that it wouldnt be able to recover for a week.

So, Fang Mu told a little white lie to Sucky.

Sucky, I hope to see the day when you dream of an electronic butterfly!

Upon hearing Fang Mus words, Sucky began to happily hop around.

Fang Mus little white lie could keep Sucky happy until next month.

Fang Mu checked the time.

It was three oclock in the afternoon.

There were still three hours left before his six oclock appointment with Hu Tao.

In these three hours, theres enough time for Fang Mu to shop at the Spiritual Material Market.

If Fang Mu just wanted to buy spiritual materials for Qi and blood recovery,

He could just go to the small spiritual material shop on the street next to his home.

However, Fang Mu needed to purchase several needle mosquitoes to extract his heartblood.

Given that it concerned his own safety, Fang Mu cannot afford to be careless.

The spirit-imbued guardian beasts sold in the official mall were relatively pricier.

But because of the standardization in its breeding, their quality was more assured.

Unlike buying needle mosquitoes from privately-owned pet stores.

Issues like blood pouches being too big or too small, or even carrying pathogenic bacteria could occur.

Now that Fang Mu had become a Beast Master.

A Beast Masters physical stamina, tempered by spiritual power, was much stronger than an average person.

Even if the needle mosquitoes bought from the pet stores carried pathogenic bacteria.

It was unlikely that they could affect a Beast Masters health.

However, whether the blood pouch of the needle mosquito was too big or too small.

Neither situation was acceptable to Fang Mu.

Extracting one hundred milliliters of heartblood was at the boundary between safety and danger.

If the blood pouch was too large, it could affect Fang Mus body.

If the blood pouch was too small, it could slow down the speed of Fang Mus blood contract formation.

Fang Mu originally planned to check that afternoon whether he had a Destiny Guardian Beast.

Then he would go and buy a beast to make a contract with.

Now, because of his Innate Talent: Covenant Blood Contract with the Talent of the Blood of Abundance.

Fang Mu needed to wait until the first drop of Covenant Blood Essence formed before he could contract with his Guardian Beast.

Having made up his mind.

Fang Mu used his phone to book a Six-Hoof Dish Sheep taxi.

The Six-Hoof Dish Sheep was a copper level guardian beast that had no significant combat capability.

However, it could run at extremely high speeds.

A Six-Hoof Dish Sheep running at full speed was much faster than a car.

And it didnt need to worry about road conditions.

Beast Masters with contracted Six-Hoof Dish Sheep could get certification with the Path Travel Company.

If they are content with a simple life, earning a decent income every day, they could lead a rather prosperous life.

Six-Hoof Dish Sheep were easy to care for, all they needed was a daily diet of lush, juice-filled green leafy vegetables.

However , not every beast master could contract a Six-Hoof Dish Sheep.

The most basic prerequisite to contract a Six-Hoof Dish Sheep was to have an affinity with sheep-type spirit objects.

If a beast master wants to find out which Guardian Beasts they have an affinity with, they need to go through a special test.

During the test, a scene would appear in the mind of the beast master.

In this scene, whatever totem the beast master saw would determine the type of guardian beast they could contract.

Fang Mu initially had to consider how to hide his identity.

Find someone to test his affinity for guardian beasts.

But now, since Fang Mu used the Covenant Blood Essence to contract with a guardian beast, he was building a bloodline connection with the beast through his own blood.

His blood, on its own, was able to immerse the guardian beast.

This saw to it that Fang Mu didnt have any categorical restrictions in his choice of a guardian beast to contract with.

Which opened up infinite possibilities for Fang Mus future growth.

Compared to the expensive taxi ride on the Six-Hoof Dish Sheep.

Fang Mu preferred ordinary cars when travelling.

However, the official Spiritual Material Market was situated quite a distance from where he lived.

Within the three hours, an ordinary car wouldnt be able to get Fang Mu to and fro after picking his required spiritual materials.

In the past when Fang Mu rode a Six-Hoof Dish Sheep taxi, he always envied the drivers.

Unable to become a Beast Master, even if he became a Maker Assistant,

He seemed to miss something in such a marvelous world.

Now, sitting again in the Six-Hoof Dish Sheep taxi, and watching the ever-changing scenery.

Fang Mu, who has not yet fully recovered, stretched lazily.

Fang Mu thought to himself.

It is I, Fang Mu!

Finally eligible to be one of those riding the waves in this world!

Chapter end

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