Crimson Genesis: Vengeance of Genetic Evolution – Awakening


[In the depths of a clandestine laboratory, where enigmatic shadows danced along the chilling metal walls and the eerie hum of machinery reverberated through the labyrinthine corridors.]<


The rhythmic thrum of machinery filled the air as Alex's consciousness, like a dormant seed, began to stir. Slowly, his eyes fluttered open, struggling to adjust to the harsh glare of the overhead lights that mercilessly bathed the laboratory in a clinical brightness.

Blinking away the remnants of sleep, he found himself encased within a sterile, glass-enclosed chamber, its surface pulsating with otherworldly energy that sent shivers down his spine.

Alex's gaze swept across the room as his senses sharpened, capturing figures moving with purposeful intent amidst the shadows. Each silhouette, obscured by the veil of secrecy, seemed to exude an aura of anticipation that hung heavy in the air. Their movements, though calculated, betrayed an undercurrent of excitement and curiosity, their collective gaze fixed upon him with an intensity that bordered on unnerving.

Alex's senses tingled with a prickling awareness as his mind and sense of self became clearer. This was no ordinary awakening to the uneventful everyday life of an ordinary high schooler. This was an awakening akin to a sci-fi alien captured by humans for experimentation.

Suddenly, a figure emerged from the shadows, draped in a dark, hooded cloak that obscured their features. The authority figure commanded the room, and a palpable silence fell over the bustling doctors. With a voice brimming with excitement and triumph, the figure declared,

Chapter end

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