DES VU, Moments turned Memories – Chapter 13

Chapter 13

Classes on Friday got cancelled giving Adina time to catch up on some home chores. Adina did the cleaning while Jasmine was the one who used to do the laundry. Adina had a love-and-hate relationship with cleaning.

rShe loved the room after she had vacuumed, moped the floor, and dusted everything. What she hated was her dust allergy. Sneezing throughout the whole time while cleaning was extremely unpleasant for her but it was something to be done. To add to her problems she was on her period and it was fifty degrees outside. Wearing a mask didn’t help as it only made it harder to breath. Adina stopped for a second to not only catch her breath but pull her tears back. She missed her home as she never had to do any chores. She didn’t need to worry about cleaning or doing the dishes or making food or worrying about unpaid bills. Everything was just too hard here. After tearing up for a moment Adina pulled it back and told herself even if she missed having all chores being taken care of by the maids she can’t allow herself to act like this. If she allowed herself to miss home then she can’t survive on her own. She is unqualified to be here at all.

rSo she quietly did her work her sneezing and after she was done she looked at the clean room and smiled before going to take a shower. Upon coming out of the shower she felt her body falling apart. Of course, she didn’t have breakfast today. This became a bad habit of hers and even after knowing it she doesn’t do much about it.

rInstead of cooking she gets on her phone and scrolls through instagram. It was too hot to go to the kitchen so she ended up texting Grey.

rHe couldn’t believe that Adina used to hate the color Green.

r“ Adina for someone who has green eyes aren’t you saying you hate yourself when saying you hated it!” Grey teased

r“ Yeah! Call me childish but I wanted blue eyes like Barbie.”

r“ Not every Barbie has blue eyes. Elina has Green eyes”

r“ WAIT! You have watched Fairytopia? OH MY GOD!!!!!!” Adina got so excited that she almost screamed.

r“ I only watched it because of my sister”

r“ yeah right which other Barbie has eyes other than blue?”

r“ Erika, Mariposa, Alexa they all have different eye colors”

r“ Meriposa and Alexa are old barbies. Erika is fairly new Grey. You still watch it don’t you” Adina thought that she caught Grey red handed but then he replied

r“ The Erika I am talking about is from Princess and Pauper. Yours is from rock and royals”

rFor a moment Adina got a little disappointed but then something clicked

r“How do you know which Erika I was talking about?”

rGrey quickly ended their conversation saying his mother was calling for some work to which Adina sarcastically told him “SURE”

rAdina used to hate her eyes color. Not only that for the majority of her life Adina thought she wasn’t pretty because she never paid attention to it.

rWhat was the use of looks? The world doesn’t revolve around it anyway. That was what Adina used to think but as she got older she came face to face with two things.

rNumber one was that she was pretty. She was really pretty.

rNumber two was that the world does revolve around beauty.

rShe was happy with the first but hated the second. That was one of the reasons Fredrick was her boyfriend. She never paid attention to looks even though she knew with how pretty she was she could get best that is out there.

rGrey liked that Adina wasn’t the type of person who would go for looks. She was simple and honest person who would never look down on people or exploit them. But at the same time, he was worried that her good nature can be exploited by people. For Grey Adina has already become someone irreplaceable. He was worried about her regarding her relationship.

rHe wasn’t an idiot and knew that she was struggling with Fredrick. Even though he only knew one side of the story he still believed that Fredrick was the one wrong here. The time he has spent with Adina made him realise how understanding and selfish she is.

rTheir friendship started only a few months ago but she treated him as if they were friends since kindergarten. Every time he asks about Fredrick Adina reaction is weird. Almost as if she is trying to hold her tears back with her covering for his ass being a cherry on top.

rGrey wants to comfort her but doesn’t due to fear of crossing the line. He did once try to do It but Adina’s shift in mood made him stop there. Without his knowledge, she made her way in that part of his life that he never allowed anyone in. Maybe it was because he knew she could never hurt anyone but this was something that scared him.

rThough Adina was someone who would never hurt him he can’t say the same about himself.

rHe for sure knew he would end up hurting her and that was what scared him. The last time she had a panic attack he couldn’t bear to see her in pain before he knew it he was hugging her.

rShe never cried even when she was going through **. The thought of her crying because of him made his heart clench and mind bonkers.

rHe wanted to be there for her when she is having a hard time, comfort her when she is crying, see her childish side, see her green eyes without any pain but happy. Despite wanting to do all of that he was limited to just standing by her side and seeing her deal with all her problems by herself.

rIt was selfish and a little toxic of him but he wished that she broke up with Fredrick. He wanted her worries and pain which were tormenting her to a point that she has puffy eyes from crying for hours to end. but at the same time he couldn’t do anything if she choose to stay with Fredrick.

rAll he wanted for her was happiness. It didn’t matter whom it was with.


Chapter end

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