DES VU, Moments turned Memories – Chapter 20

Chapter 20

“ We should have gone to another bar, the lightning here is so bad” It was Elina who made that comment after everyone had already settled down and ordered the drinks. Everyone had suggested the place they were currently at as it was not only closer to their university but it had reputation for being safe. Still, as a safety precaution, Adina booked a private room as she didn’t wish for her friends to get hit on or feel uncomfortable. Elina however had suggested a place that not only was far from their university but also unsafe. No one was in the mood to go that far and since Adina was the one paying Elina didn’t have it her way but it still didn’t stop her from pointing out every single thing which was unpleasant to her. Adina mood wasn’t great as she wanted to snap back at every single remark Elina made but Elina’s text from earlier stopped her from doing so.

r‘ only if you weren’t such a spoiled princess It would have been easier for me to see you as a friend’

rAdina was constantly trying to ignore Elina’s whining but it had started to get on her nerves. Everyone had noticed how Adina’s mood was soured up and were trying their best to lighten the environment but Elina was just not letting it go.

r“ Adina just don’t listen to her and focus on something else” Grey whispered in Adina’s ear to which he received a bombastic side-eye.

r“You really think I am not trying my best to focus on something other than her stupid whining?”

rGrey sighed as Adina was right. No one was able to ignore her whining. Finally, the drinks arrived along and everyone took their orders. When Adina reached for her drink Grey grabbed her hand making Adina look back at him in confusion.

r“Drinking on an empty stomach would be bad” Grey knew Adina hadn’t eaten for God knows how long. When was the last time he saw her having something other than ramen? At the beginning of university Adina was somewhat plump but now she has grown too thin. He was worried that if she continued like that she would collapse at any moment.

r“ As if drinking on a full stomach isn’t healthy? Don’t worry I will be fine plus I need it to focus on something else”

rGrey shook his head in disapproval. Mostly when Grey told Adina not to do something she would listen immediately but when Adina didn’t listen. Oh boy, Grey would do anything but Adina would listen. This is how she was. She was rarely stubborn but when she was there was no budging of her.

r Adina pushed his hand away and took her drink and took 3 big chugs of her Butter Bear and swallowed them without any problem. Not even grunts were heard after she had swallowed impressing Sam and Grey.

r“WOAH ADINA! Those were good chugs. Where did you learn to drink like that?”

rEveryone was a little taken aback when Adina ordered a large butter bear and thought she wouldn’t be able to finish but seeing her drink like that she was a far better drinker than they thought.

r“ I learned it on my own. I used to drink every night during my entrance exams as it would help me go to sleep so my tolerance grew”

r“Looks like entrance exams destroyed you” Amanda joked to which everyone laughed.

r“ Completely” Adina replied and took another big chug of her drink. The mood lightened as everyone drank and roasted each other. They went for another round of drinks after which everyone started to leave. Adina stayed as it was her treat so the bill was on her.

r“ Are you done paying?” Grey asked as he returned from the washroom.

r“ Yeah I am done” Adina replied smiling.

r“So should I call you a taxi?”

r“ Umm I paid for the whole until 10 pm. It’s only 7”

r“ OHH so what would you like to do?”

r“ let’s stay a little longer. Is it alright with you?”

rGrey nodded as they sat in the room and ordered some tequila shots.

r“ you know you really shouldn’t drink,” Grey said but didn’t stop Adina from taking yet another shot. She was already getting drunk on top of an empty stomach.

r“ I can hold my..hoolllddd my liquor chill”

rGrey could see how well she was holding so he took the shots away from her to which she started protesting telling him to give them back to her. She was such a hand full despite her height so he called an employee and handed the shots to her telling her to not bring any more alcohol. Seeing the alcohol gone Adina started crying like a child leaving Grey speechless.

rThis woman who hated others seeing her cry was crying over alcohol taken away from her.

r“ you really are something” he smiled and patted her head wanting to calm her down. Adina was fully wasted at this point. She had too much drink on an empty stomach which was likely the cause. All Grey could do was sit there and wait for Adina to sober up a little before sending her home.

r“ you know….GRREYYYYY!” When Adina called his name so softly it caused Grey’s heart to skip a beat. Ignoring that feeling he replied “ Yes Adina”

rAdina stared at him. Her forest green eyes were half open with a hint of redness on her cheeks. Her hairs were a little messy and her dry lips were wet from her licking them.

r“ You…areee sooo nice….. I amm affriad….i mighttt fell…. “ Adina even though she was sitting was about to fall forward. Luckily Grey caught her before she did.

r“ GEEZ ADINA Sober up a little will you” Grey held her in place completely ignoring the fact the the space between them had minimized too much. Suddenly Adina’s phone which was on the table in front of them started ringing. Grey turned his head and found It was Adina’s sister who was calling.

rSuddenly he felt something soft and wet on his cheeks freezing him in the spot instantly.


Chapter end

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