DES VU, Moments turned Memories – Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“ Are you sure you aren’t reading my mind? No wait am I thinking too loud?”

rGrey laughed at Adina’s choice of words. Even though she would never admit he knew she was a deeply troubled.

r“ It’s written all over your face Adina. Now stop avoiding the topic”

rAdina sighed in defeat. ‘Damn it’ he even saw through her little scheme to avoid the topic.

r“ yeah I feel stupid” she finally admitted.

r“ why? “

r“Isn’t it obvious? dude everyone passed but I failed”

r“ Sam also failed. You and him were the best students in that class. It has to be the professor. You know they never let all the students pass the subject.”

r“ yeah but why us? We both were good students and the worst part is she won’t even listen to us or gave any reason as to why she failed us. Sam taught you all so I am damn sure that it was the professor doing but I don’t know about myself what if I was the one who messed up? ”

r“ that doesn’t explain why you feel stupid Adina. You were even sick on that day. Everyone fails sometimes and it’s not a big deal. It’s okay if you messed up you are human not a perfect machine.”

rAdina stared at Grey’s face and found no traces of judgment. He didn’t think a single bit that she was over reacting or being dramatic. Adina felt something that she never did before and before she knew she was telling him the real reason.

r“ When my high school ended I felt lost. I was the only one from my friends who wanted to pursue engineering. This university wasn’t my first goal. It was N university. I gave all three test tests and I was confident I would get in but when the results came out I didn’t even manage to pass the test. That was the moment all my confidence came crushing down. I felt stupid and unlike myself. All my friends got into universities and I was the only one left. From that day on I studied my ass off to get into this university. I used to cry every night from fear and anxiety.

rWhen I finally got in I thought the nightmare was over but….. sighhh

rHere I am. What I am trying to say is what if it’s me who is the problem? ”

rAdina and Grey had sat down on a bench near the lake and Adina was staring at her shoes. She expected him to say it was alright and she could do better this semester

r“ it must have been hard” Adina’s looked up thinking if she heard it right.

r“ I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for you”

rAdina’s head slowly turned towards him and she fought the urge to cry. Grey was looking straight at the lake’s small currents caused by summer breeze.

r“ I have no idea how did you even endure all that and are stills standing as if nothing happened. You truly are strong”

rAll her life when Adina tried opening about her struggles or feelings she was never heard or even if she was she never had someone validating her feelings instead it was always that she was being too sensitive.

rAt one point Adina stopped sharing as it was no use and she just assumed she was being too sensitive whenever something happened. At this moment she felt understood for the first time by a human.

r“ How did you even manage to cope with all that? If it was me I know for sure I would have collapsed” Grey was now looking at Adina

rTaking a deep breath she clenched her hands into a fist hoping it would stop the shaking of her hands and body.

rThis was what talking about her feelings always did to her. She would start shivering and panicking.

r“ I don’t know how I coped all of that.”

rAdina broke their eye contact and stared at lake.

r“ where was Fredrick? You could have told him”

rAdina’s chuckled but sarcastic and painful hint didn’t miss Grey’s eyes.

r“ he was too busy to even talk to me let alone listen my worries”

rOriginally Adina wanted to go to the same university as Fredrick but she failed and he got in so he left for a different city. Not until after he had settled did Adina got into this university. Fredrick also had taken this university exam and he had got in too but he chooses not to come here and Adina respected his wishes or did she?

rAfter all N university was the best in the whole country.

r“ No one is too busy for the person they love. Especially guys if a guy really love you he would always find time for you”

rAdina tried to make excuses for Fredrick but deep down she knew Grey was right.

r“anyway this semester I would get a better grade even if means I have to work my ass off”

rAdina got up from the bench followed by Grey.

r“ you will get a better grade this time and even if you don’t who cares? As long as you pass”

rAdina was touched by his words and actions. Grey always looked out for Adina and she couldn’t be less grateful. After all she was all alone in a different city living a bachelor life. It was good having someone who could see her pain without her having to voice it out.

rGrey was already few steps ahead of Adina thanks to his 6’4 height while Adina was a 5’3.

rUniversity friendship ends at the end of university but at this moment looking at Grey’s back Adina made a promise that whatever happens she would never let Grey and her friendship go.

r“ Adina walk faster will you or we would be late for class”

r“ it ain’t my fault that you are Godzilla “


Chapter end

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