DES VU, Moments turned Memories – Chapter 6

Chapter 6

It was a pretty windy and cool day for middle of summer. Adina was going towards the cafeteria. Even though her hairs tied in a French braid the wind still managed to make her baby hairs dance.

rLuckily her tea green tea shirt was not baggy or wind out have made it dance along with it too.

r“ Adina!” upon turning when hearing a familiar voice she found grey walking towards her.

rShe smiled her it instantly dropped when Grey who was walking towards her stopped in his tracks. He stared at her from top to bottom in disbelief. Adina wasn’t quick to catch on so she followed his line of sight and looked at her outfit. Green shirt and dark blue jeans.

rShe looked up and saw Grey in the same color clothes. Unable to restrain herself she laughed out loud.

r“ apparently it can happen two days in a row! FUCK the universe is playing pranks on us” Grey said playfully yet a little frustrated.

r“ and you say that you don’t dress feminine?” they both walked inside the cafeteria.

r“look who we have here!” Brinda was the first to point out the obvious. At this point they both were too dumb stuck to say anything. What were they even supposed to say or how could they defend themselves?

rIt was purely coincidental that they happen to match nine out of ten times. So instead of replying to everyone they both started talking to each other.

r“ how’s Fredrick?”

r“fine I guess” Adina didn’t like this topic. She wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do with Fredrick.

r“ you didn’t talk this week as well?”

r“ His exams are going on. I can’t be a distraction right now for him”

r“ Adina a guy would always make time if he wants too.”

r“ dude he is just busy he would come around”

rThis was how it always went. Whenever Adina was asked about Fredrick she would end up making excuses on his behalf.

r“ no one is too busy for a text or a ten minute call”

r“ aren’t you too knowledgeable for someone who has never date?” Adina couldn’t help but narrow his eyes at him

r“ a coach never plays” Grey couldn’t help but do a little smolder look which cringed out Adina

r“ You can’t be a coach if you never played now come clean will you”

rAdina wasn’t the type to be easily fooled. She wasn’t different yet she was . When others would stand under the tree shade she would run in the open field letting herself get sun burned.

rWhen others would poke their noses in gossips she would stay away and not give a **.

rOther would be afraid to crack adult jokes she on the other hand would not think twice before doing it. Adina was free spirited yet she wasn’t a loose person.

rYes she would crack adult jokes but wouldn’t do it except in front of her friends. Sometimes Grey felt she was too mature for someone her age and he knew it wasn’t a good thing.

rShe could read people like an open book and be calm under situations others panicked.

rThat level of maturity always came with a price and he knew the price she paid was devastating.

r“ There is nothing to come clean about. There truly was no one before”

rAdina narrowed her eyes looking for any sort of lie in his statements. He knew she would catch it so was glad he told the truth. Soon her narrowed suspicious eyes turned into an eye smile as the corner of her lips curled up. She leaned into his ear

r“ there truly wasn’t anyone but there is someone called Arora”

rThe mischief in her voice didn’t left unnoticed.

r“ she is just my best friend”

r“ yeah yeah just YOUR BEST friend”

rAdina and grey were giggling and were so lost in their conversations that they didn’t even notice Sam taking their pictures.

rIt wasn’t until they both heard the whole group laugh did they snap out of their conversation.

r“what happened?”

rAdina was confused to which she was told to check Gold leaf. Grey opened his whatsapp and went into the gold lead group only to find a picture of him and adina .

rHe laughed and gave the phone to Adina as her eyes popped out.

rGrey and Adina were inched away from each other’s face. If that wasn’t enough they both were smiling so happily and their matching outfits were cherry on top. What the actual **! Anyone who sees this picture would interpret that they were a couple.

r“ match made in heaven” teased Ezra

r“don’t you guys have anything else to do?” Adina was trying her best to keep calm. Even she couldn’t deny that they looked like a couple. Adina and grey both had reached out for water bottles. While Grey was mid drinking Adina waited when Brinda said.

r“ you should just date Grey. Please I would be your biggest fan”

r“I am already taken besides even if I was single what made you think we both would agree upon dating?” Adina replied and took a sip.

r“ You guys look cute together”

rPFFFTTTTTTT! Both Adina and Grey spit out the water they were drinking and everyone burst out laughing.

r“ see you guys are always in sync”

r“ Shut the ** up will you Brinda” Grey recovered while Adina was still choking a little so he just patted her back while Adina looked up trying not to choke.

r“ Look! you guys still look cute”

rElina added. Grey and Adina knew that it was useless to argue. They were having fun at their expense and there was no stopping them.

r“ how long until our class starts?” Adina’s voice a little hoarse from the choking

r“ still an hour “ they both shared a defeated look but still laughed.

rEven though they both get awkward from their jokes and have possibility of dieing by choking they both still enjoyed it.

rThere were no feelings of love between them and there never would be. So instead of getting annoyed and worked up about silly jokes they both enjoyed them as well.


Chapter end

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