Divine Emperor of Death – Going to the Prison

Going to the Prison

Logan and Claire were both ecstatic that their son was able to achieve this feat of cultivating all three Cultivation Systems at the same time, at such a tender age. They were even more extremely proud when they realized he was just five years old.

Davis was now able to use his First Layer of Extinction Lightning Judgement.

The First Layer provided the ability to amplify his body with lightning. He can amplify his legs to move faster, clad his arms in lightning to paralyze, and corrode his opponents' flesh. He can even use it on his own brain to increase his thought process and analytical ability, but that requires an extremely high control over his lightning or else he would just fry or corrode his own brain.

The Fallen Extinction Lightning, with its property, increased the effectiveness of his powers and battle prowess. After all, it adds an annihilative and corrosive effect to the lightning he employs.

Since Davis has achieved basic proficiency in all three Cultivation Systems, he wanted to test the limitations of his Death Book as soon as possible. He didn't even know if it worked the same way or not anymore.


Half a year passed.

Logan, Claire, and Hendrickson taught him more about cultivation during this half-year period. 

However, they only taught him for at most an hour every day. They seemed like they were busy with something. 

He still didn't get a chance to use his Death Book because he felt like he was always being monitored.

His parents were acting even more strangely. It was especially the case in this half a year. He knew that something fishy was going on here, but since his parents wouldn't tell him, then he didn't feel the need to ask.

Davis went to ask his parents if he could practice his powers on live targets. His parents thought for a moment before they refused.

Davis was adamant about it and proposed an idea to them.

Chapter end

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