Divine Emperor of Death – Grand Sea Continent

Grand Sea Continent

A month passed from the time the invasion ended.

Davis managed to explain that he and a prisoner teamed up to kill the assassin. He explained it in a way that implied that he knew the prisoner and somehow befriended him before the assassination attempt.

He said that the assassin and the prisoner managed to stab each other when he attacked the assassin's soul, which made the assassin an easier target.

Although his parents had their suspicions about the whole scenario, they did not cast much suspicion on him, and neither did they even doubt if he was the one behind the massacre of the two million-plus soldiers.

Not even one person connected the while massacre to Davis, and neither did they have enough evidence to link that Davis and that mysterious senior was one and the same person.

After all, the massacre of two million people occurring in their sight without even making much of a sound other than that single amplified heartbeat was only a feat only capable of powers unknown to them. They were even thankful for this miraculous event and wouldn't dare to doubt the authenticity one bit.

That is the effect that one could achieve with absolute power!

Davis hadn't managed to kill those two Emperors because he guessed that their Soul Forging Cultivation was way more powerful than him. He didn't want to fail, only to be backtraced. Hence, he made sure to kill the two million-plus soldiers at the same time to create a deterrent effect.

And just as he thought, the two Emperors turned tail and fled without much of surprise.

The Loret Empire gradually managed to gain peace while the Raven Empire and Tritor Empire were caught up in the flames of war, temporarily invaded by the other Empires.

Logan managed to establish his authority once again, so no one would dare to test his authority anymore, not even the two Sky Grade Sect Leaders who were in the Loret Empire.

Claire felt eternally grateful to the mysterious senior who had managed to make them cross this calamity. This was even more so when she realized that she would soon give birth to a child and was expectantly looking forward to it.

Rumors spread about the extremely powerful and mysterious senior throughout the Grand Sea Continent. They even dared to make claims whether if the mysterious senior was an Immortal existence, which the people strived to reach for in their entire lives.

At that point, no one was sure if that person was related to the Loret Empire or not by any chance, and no one dared to test it either.

All the surrounding Empires personally announced that they would soon visit Loret Empire, except the Raven Empire and Tritor Empire. After all, they were more than convinced that they would face their deaths after arriving at the Loret Empire.


Davis wandered into the study as he sighed a lot these days.

He had a lot to think about the massacre he performed that day. He only killed a single life before, so he was feeling down for a whole month but eventually came out of it.

He eventually understood that he would have to kill a lot of people in this world to climb up the hierarchy ladder to protect himself and the people he cared about.

'Seriously! This world is the same **hole as Earth. The only thing different was that I have lived in peaceful times after escaping from Mo Wuming.'<


'There's no use of thinking! I would have to kill a lot of people or let them kill me! This world follows the rule of the survival of the fittest, more than any other world.'<


After the war, he learned many things. The casualties in the army of his Empire were so high that his kill count was higher than the people he killed during the last battle.

Originally, the Loret Empire upheld its peace with its big and powerful army as well as its experts, but after the rebellion begetting division among the army, it couldn't keep up with the command to battle against the two Empires, so about more than sixty percent of them had died before the final battle began.

Even some common people, numbering to a million, had been slaughtered in the war even though they didn't resist, and combined with this fact, it was proved that the Loret Empire's casualties were higher than the enemy's side. 

This was such a huge blow to the Empire's morale.

Even though morals exist, people would have to uphold it, but in the world of the strong, only fists speak. People would kill at the slightest dissatisfaction, scheme when they dislike, backstab at the sight of a little opportunity.

He finally acknowledged that people's lives were of no value to the powerful and depraved. 

Being showered in the love of his parents, he almost forgot what kind of a world he was living in because the walls of the Imperial Castle was so secure and peaceful, that he found himself enjoying his life while being on experimenting over his newfound powers borne from cultivation.

However, he finally got out of this mindset. After all, the war and his 'visit' to the Imperial Prison taught him more about the cruel side of this world.

Being able to kill more than a million people in a heartbeat... Leaving the guilt that he would experience despite the fact that they were the ones who invaded his Loret Empire, the sheer emotions of possessing such power was enough to make him enter the path of depravity.

Chapter end

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