Divine Emperor of Death – Ellia


Four months passed in the blink of an eye.

During this time, Davis had managed to break through to the Energy Condensation Stage; the Second Stage in Essence Gathering Cultivation. Furthermore, he had started training in some Battle Techniques as well.

He had eaten the Mystic Tyrant Fruit and managed to attain the Tyrant Physique, making him invulnerable to people who were still in the Bronze Stage. He had to thank the foolish Emperor Ross for that, and thank his parents for giving this Mystic Tyrant Fruit.

His battle aura at least became two times stronger on consuming it!

But he somewhat didn't feel happy about that as he missed playing with Clara a little bit. He would go see her sometimes, but she would quickly send him back, making him return to study.

He was feeling regret for playing that prank on her on that day and thought that she had started to hate him, so he stopped bothering her for some time. He never had a little sister before, so he didn't know how he should treat her in this kind of situation. Other than that, today was a special day because it is his eighth birthday.

He was feeling fidgety for some reason because he knew that today was the day he was going to get his 'personal' maid.

They brought her a month ago into the Imperial Castle, but he didn't get a single chance to meet her either but knew that the castle maids likely trained her during this month.

Apparently, the Loret Family assigns a maid to their princes after they reached eight years old. He only knew this when he heard about the so-called custom assigned to the Loret Empire's Princes.

In short, the so-called personal maids were none other than women who takes 'care' of them in all ways.

As an Earthling who had no choice but to keep himself entertained with anime, novels, and stuff, he sure had a lot of fantasies about maids. But when he knew that he was truly going to experience that, he was not sure of what to feel of it anymore.

He heard that she was bought from an auction, and her story was that she was an orphan abandoned on the streets, picked up by people who train personal servants. She was brought up in life only to serve the people who bought her, so it didn't actually matter if the customer was a degenerate or not.

Was he feeling happy? Sad? Even he didn't know that.

He couldn't help feel pity for their fates, but at the least, he got to break free from that prison of slavery and torture.

Chapter end

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