Divine Emperor of Death – Confrontation


One whole year passed.

Davis became nine years old at this point.

He grew up to a hundred and forty-five centimeters tall. His face began to more and more shape like his father, who undoubtedly looked like a lady killer. Combined with his mother's aspects, it is set in stone that he would indeed become popular among women in the future.

Davis solely spent most of his time cultivating. He eventually reached Mid-Level Iron Stage, High-Level Infant Soul Stage, High-Level Energy Condensation Stage.

He had entered the Third Stage in Body Tempering Cultivation while just being nine-years-old. This was rather a phenomenal achievement that would make any parent in the Grand Sea Continent proud of, including his parents.

During this year, he didn't get a chance to meet Evelynn, or rather one should say that he put that matter on the back of his head. He was still waiting for her reply, but none came even now.

He also made Ellia train in Body Tempering Cultivation and Essence Gathering Cultivation. He made her train in the same Cultivation Techniques he cultivated without caring for the opinion of others.

Her talent was great as well, but not to the point of being a genius.

He managed to pull some strings with some random excuses to get the resources for her cultivation. Of course, if his father and mother found about it, even he doesn't know what will happen, but he had the confidence to take care of it.

Ellia achieved Peak-Level Copper Body Stage and Peak-Level Meridian Refinement Stage during this time.

Logan and Claire also worked 'hard' and birthed a baby boy during this year.

Davis was elated that he finally got a little brother and a scapegoat to put on this Empire's throne. Any more little sisters and he thought that he would probably get diabetes.

Logan mostly worked his butt off to see to the affairs of the Empire. He only had enough time to meet Claire, and he didn't worry about Davis while he had no idea what to do about Clara.

Clara became a five-year-old.

She started cultivating normally like any child in the Capital City would do when they reach this age, but she unhinderedly tried to make quick progress in cultivation. She reached Low-Level Meridian Refinement Stage and was already on the verge of breaking through to the Mid Level of Meridian Refinement Stage.

But a day before, she was even gutsier than Davis and had tried cultivating Body Tempering Cultivation System, only to fail miserably.

She couldn't bear the pain and fainted.

The remaining energy in her body went berserk and considerably damaged her small body. Fortunately, it was not fatal as Logan was beside her at that time.

Logan, who had allowed her to cultivate Body Cultivation System, got severe thrashings from Claire. Of course, it had been all in Claire's room, or he would have lost his face big time.

He didn't say anything as he also felt guilty about Clara.

Davis, who had heard this incident, became worried and stayed with Clara in her room from yesterday.

She still didn't wake up.

Davis looked at her face warmly as he held her hand. Clara also tightly held his hands, but it was unknown whether she did it consciously or subconsciously.

Chapter end

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