Divine Emperor of Death – Low-Level Young Soul Stage

Low-Level Young Soul Stage

Davis then probed the jade crystal with his Soul Sense. His expression changed into one of anger before he hid it quickly.

There were also missions to abduct Clara, Diana, and even the newly born Edward in these jade crystals.

He had the urge to crush those jade crystals but stopped himself from taking that action as it would lead to suspicion. However, he could laugh it off when he saw his name on a mission, but he couldn't endure it when he saw his siblings being targeted.

'Makes sense. If I am a target, then they are too. Tch, wait! These are just Low-Level Sky Grade Missions. Maybe even father and mother are listed in the higher grade missions. Just who is the mission issuer? For all I know, it might be that Emperor Tritor or that Emperor Raven, damn it!'<


Davis felt helpless right now. If he had known who was targeting them, it would make it easier for him to kill whoever was hiding in the shadows.

He was not wary of prominent cultivators. He was only wary of people who hide their identities.

With the Death Book, he could easily kill off famous people who were within his limits but cannot do the same to cultivators who hide their identities as he would have to discover their identities first, that they were the ones who were against him and his family, which makes it a little difficult for him to kill them.

Davis took a few seconds to calm himself down before probing again into the jade crystals. He felt that it was a good thing he asked to view all the Low-Level Sky Grade missions. Without mulling on it much, he found some suitable assassination missions for himself. 

If he was able to kill those targets and refine their souls, then he would be able to reach even the Mid-Level Young Soul Stage sooner or later.

After accepting multiple missions, he left the Dark Earth Organization Branch and headed off to kill a target.

This target was a powerful merchant of the Loret Empire who engaged in shady business discreetly. His age was over two hundred years old, and his Soul Forging Cultivation was that of Low-Level Young Soul Stage.

After Davis had used the Death Book to bait and kill him, it was almost dawn.

He absorbed his deceased soul and refined it.

He felt his soul energy increase rapidly as he absorbed the refined soul energy, and after a few minutes, he felt his soul energy fill, appearing like it had reached its limit.

Just when he tried to break through, he encountered a bottleneck.

'Things won't be that simple, will it?' Davis sighed gently.

Seeing that it was late, he made his way to the Imperial Castle.

He decided that he would turn in the mission later tonight or tomorrow.


Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

In these few days, Davis concentrated on his efforts to break through into the Young Soul Stage. He turned in his target's corpse on the first day and got the Low-Level Sky Grade Dark Earth Organization's Badge and 1000 Purple Coins as his reward.

After this, he thought of visiting Evelynn before deciding to concentrate on his Soul Forging Cultivation first. He felt confident in breaking through, so he stayed in seclusion in the Royal Castle as three days passed.

In the evening.

Davis, who was in seclusion, finally broke through to the Low-Level Young Soul Stage. He could now feel his soul residing in his soul sea weirdly palpitate in resonance with the Death Book, making him feel that his Death Book probably gained a new ability, but he wasn't in a hurry to find out as it wasn't like he could find it just because he wanted to find it, so he put the matter aside.

Low-key using his soul energy to check the immensity of his power, he kind of felt immensely proud of himself more or less for breaking through the bottleneck in three days before his thoughts quickly moved on to someone else.

'Yes... Today night, I will finally visit Evelynn no matter what...'<


Just as he made his way into the Study, he saw Ellia cultivating there with a tranquil expression on her face. She sat in a lotus position while focusing, but it just made her look cute.

It almost made him want to pinch her face, but he decided not to since her circulation of energy might run amok if he disturbed her.

He just sat and watched her face with a smile on his face.

He couldn't help but think her off as a cute animal, making it so that he couldn't help but identify her as an unmoving doll, even causing him to want to pat her head for cultivating so hard.

Davis hurriedly shook his head. 'This isn't right. I'm acting too close to her. It's almost as if we are siblings.' 

He thought, a little disoriented. However, his body unknowingly moved a little closer to her.

He then looked at her face again. His face was at arm's length away from her face. This time his eyes involuntarily stopped at her lips.

He couldn't help but feel an unknown emotion in his heart.

Ellia, who was cultivating, suddenly opened her eyes, just having finished a circulation as she came to a stop. Her clear black pupils caught him staring at her lips before she felt her face burn up.

Chapter end

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