Dragon's Throne : Rise of Dragons – Ch.14 But it is my job

Ch.14 But it is my job

After King Foust gave out the orders to lay waste to the Kingdom of Ash, everyone in the throne room gave a salute or bowed then left to make their preparations. The only two who remained in the throne room where the tow guards that were stationed at the door. Elric and Blaze and gone back to their Dragon's Keep to make sure everything was in order should the king give them the order to ride out at a moment's notice. King Foust, Odis, and the generals left the throne room as well, they left for the war room.

rBy the time all of them got to the war room, King Foust's other advisors had gathered there, and were spreading a large map on the center table. As King Foust and the others walked in the gathered advisors bowed to the king. After they all bowed, they got back to work laying out the map.

rWith the map laid out on the large center table, King Foust motioned for every one to gather and be seated around it. He sat at one end of the table with Odis, and the other advisors to his right, and the head general to the left. After everyone was seated a maid served every one a cup of mild red wine. Once she was done serving them all, she left the war room with the guards stepping outside the door as well locking it behind them. Six guard where stationed on either side of the door along the hallway back to the throne room.

rNow that the war room was under lockdown Odis started to place flags and small figures on the map. The flags marked the location of all the kingdoms located on the continent of Fargo, while the figures marked out the location, amount and type of troops based on the latest know information. While some of the locations and amounts may be a bit off for some of the kingdoms, The numbers and locations of Foust and Ash were spot on. This was because a few of the scouts had sneaked into the Ash Kingdom once they were believed to be behind the kidnaping of Princess Aalis.

rUnless the Kingdom of Ash was smart enough to hide some of its army units outside of its own boarders they currently had two hundred carvery knights, three hundred knights on foot, one thousand foot solders of mixed ranks ,and only seventy archers. This small kingdom could not even afford horses for all of its knights. The army it could muster if the numbers were accurate was not even a third the size of just one of Foust legions. Each of the one hundred publicly know legions of Foust had a total of three thousand to ten thousand men. In total Foust Kingdom's standing army was over six hundred thousand on any given day. Two thousand full fledged knights served under Captain Davis alone. There were two other legions under the direct order of King Foust that did not report to anyone else, their make up, numbers, and existence are only known to him and the members of those to legions.

rAny random legion of Foust army could crush the Kingdom of Ash. However as a show of force King Foust and those gathered in the war room were planning on using the full army. This show of force was not only to force Ash Kingdom to think wisely, but to act as a deterrent to other kingdoms having thoughts to aid Ash Kingdom. After all Foust Kingdom was the third largest on Foust, but had the largest standing army by far. Only the two secret legions and royal guard would not deploy. This was because unless it was an emergency, King Foust

Chapter end

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