Dragon's Throne : Rise of Dragons – Ch.16 Burnt to Ashes

Ch.16 Burnt to Ashes

After watching the inn burn for a while, Elric and Blaze got a few hours of sleep. They awoke before dawn, and started to put on their armor. Blaze was no longer covered by a cloth; with the saddle bags and pack now hidden up in a tree, she was covered head to tail in full plate armor. As for Elric he had on full body chainmail with plate armor over his chest,back and upper legs. He also had on boots and gloves made up of a leather body that was covered in a layer of overlapping steel plates, so they remained flexible while adding protection to his hands and feet. All the armor covering Blaze, along with the plate sections of Elric's armor were jet black. On both sides of Blaze neck armor was the crest of the Foust Kingdom. Elric had the same crest on his chest, and a red dragon on the back. A red dragon had became his personal emblem over the years, and listed in Foust Kingdom as the signet of the Protector of the Crown Princess on several official forms.

rNow fully outfitted in armor with of his swords on his hip and two more on either side of Blaze's saddle, Elric stood beside Blaze eating a few strips of dry meat and rubbing under her chin. Once he was done eating, Elric climbed atop Baze's back and said,

Chapter end

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