Dragon's Throne : Rise of Dragons – ch.20 Hunting Trip

ch.20 Hunting Trip

Elric ordered the blacksmith he had given the Dragon Steel to make three bows along with a set of armor for Princess Aalis. The blacksmith said that that would take around a week and a half to make, this meant that every four days Blaze would need to stop by to relight the forge with her dragon fire. Princess Aalis took full advantage of the time it was going to take the blacksmith to finish the commission, she spent every waking moment with him using the recent betrothal as an excuse to do so. Every night she would beg to be able to spend the night in the Dragon's Keep,and every night King Foust and Elric told her no it was not proper to do so.

rHowever after a week's worth of her constant begging the two of them caved on letting her go with him on his first weekly trip back to the old capital of Ash Kingdom. So in the end she won the battle of wills with her prize being three days alone with Elric and Blaze. The only thing she did not get her way with was that Elric made her sleep by Blaze head at night while he slept with Blaze's tail curled around him. This was an idea he and King Foust came up with before the three left. Elric had planned to stay a full day doing his duties as king, but only a minor matter of a noble house wanting to change the number of lances present on the seal of the family to reflect the birth of the latest son of the head of the family. Because the seal was used to mark official and legal documents it needed the approval of the king to change. With his only pressing matter taking only the time to sign the submitted form to make the change, Elric spent only two hours in the old castle going over the day to day matters with Ethel, before the three of them left to go back to Foust Kingdom.

rPrincess Aalis upset that her alone time got cut short made Elric make it to her with a bag of sugar stars, a type of rock candy sold all over Ash Kingdom, and a kiss on the cheek. Elric did as she wanted because he did tell her it would be a four day trip,and that if she pushed her luck she would demand her fourth night even if it was in his and Blaze's keep back in Foust. The princess had goten bold enough to occasionally ask for a kiss on the cheek, or to steal one from him. The only time the two had shared a real kiss was during the official announcement of their betrothal in Foust Kingdom. That kiss took the prompting of her father, King Foust, as it was tradition for the bride and groom to be to do so regardless of age, unless the betrothal was done before one or both were born. This was Princess Aalis first kiss, but she was quick to point out that Blaze had stolen his first after he found her stuck in the top of an apple tree. Blaze seeing princess Aalis stealing kisses began to do the same but Blaze tended to use a bit of tongue.

rThe three got back early so it would still be a day before the three bows and armor for Princess Aalis were done. Blaze relight the forge again just to be on the safe side. The three then left to go back to the Foust Castle, were princess Aalis went to tease Odis with her bag of sugar stars, before even saying hello to her father. Odis had developed a obsession with the hard candy while he was in Ash Kingdom for Elric's coronation, with his favorite being the green apple flavored one. Princess Aalis knew he had probably eaten all the one he had brought back with him, and she had a full bag of nothing but green sugar stars. Elric let her have her fun for a moment before tossing Odis a bag of green, pink, blue, and orange sugar stars all mixed together.


Chapter end

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