Dragon's Throne : Rise of Dragons – Ch.22 Sea Heart Grass

Ch.22 Sea Heart Grass

Before Elric set off he sent a letter back to Foust Kingdom to let everyone know he had found his mother and that he was helping her with something that might take awhile to take care of. Along with the letter he sent a tiny locket back a a gift for Aalis. The locket was a type that was very popular with the wifes of the local fishermen. It was a tiny compass made from a copper coin. However Elric with the help of his mother inscribed a slightly different version of the bloodline compass rune on it. The part of the rune was made of curved lines instead of straight ones, making the rune appear like a sphere. This rune would cause the tiny compass to only ever point towards him, and her and his mother tested it to be sure it worked. This was his way of trying t5o comport princess Aalis, with it she would always be able to find him after all. He was glad that he did not bring her, because to was unknown how long it would take him to find the Sea Heart Grass.

rHis mother had spent the last few years searching the shores of the Midland Sea with no sigh of the herb. Elric thought it best to try an find a boat willing to take him into the islands of the Midland Sea. The only one he found that was willing to take him was only willing to to the islands close to the shoreline. It was a if none of the locals dared go anywhere near the center of the Midland Sea or the large island in the middle.

rFrom what his mother told him Sea Heart Grass grew on the land close to salt water. At had a light blue color like the crest of ocean waves, and had a strong smell of sweet in salty ocean air. Blaze and her powerful nose made the perfect tool to look or smell for the rare herb. After spending two days searching every island any of the fishing boats was willing to take them to with no luck they want back to the tiny village to check on his mother and see if they twin tail bird had returned.

rThey spent the rest of the day with Ciara looking for someone that had a boat for sell. Around nightfall the three of them manage to find an old man selling a small sailboat. It was just big enough to allow for Blaze to ride on the bow infront of the mast.

rThe old man that sold Elric then boat told him of an old local legend that said a dried peace of the Sea Heart Grass could be held between the thumbs in a certain way and when blow across it would make a sound that was said to be able to call mermaids. Elric thought he might have to test that legend one day.

rAfter eatting breakfast with his mother Elric and Blaze sailed off towards the large central island of Midland Sea. Along the way Elric came up with the idea of having Blaze open up her wings so they could act as tow additional sails. His idea worked beautifully and increase the speed of the small sailboat by one third.

rThey where able to make it to the central island any hour before sunset. They did not understand why all the fisherman had refuse to take them there a the trip had been a pleasurable one. If they had known that it was only because the presence of Blaze scared off all the so called sea monsters lurking below they might have understood why. Elric caught several large fish even though it was his first time to ever fish in the sea. He cleaned the fish before getting Blaze to cook them with a small puff of dragon fire. Both he and Blaze enjoyed the meal.

rAfter reaching the island Elric anchored the sail boat in shallow water and went ashore. The water was only a deep as the top of Blaze's back letting her walk to the island with her head above the water. The island was ten miles long and five miles wide giveing it an oval like shape.

rWith a little exploring they discovered that the island was covered in the supposedly rare Sea Heart Grass herb. Elric quickly gathered two saddle bags full of the herb not knowing how much his mother would need. Once he was done he spent the rest of the time before dark trying to teach Blaze how to swim. It did not to well, reminding him that fire and water do not mix well.

rThey spent the night on the island with the sound of the waves singing them to sleep. The next morning Elric and Blaze started to explore the island in full spending most of the day doing so. Reaching the center most point without seeing anybody and very little wildlife Elric had the idea of coming back with a larger boat and a work crew to build a small villa to give princess Aalis as a wedding gift and allowing Odis and Ethel to retire there. He once again spent till dark trying to teach Blaze to swim. She did learn but it was truly difficult for her as she did not care much for the cold water of the Midland Sea, preferring the warm waters of her and Elric's bathing pool in the Dragon City castle.

rThe next day they sailed back to the small village his mother lived. After getting back Elric handed over the two saddle bags to his mother who said it was way more Sea Heart Grass than she needed to unseal her powers, but it could be of use to him once she had regained her powers.

rThe twin tail bird had made it back with a letter for him and his mother.

rMy King

rTake your time and enjoy some times with your mother, and be sure to bring her back with you. You should have her live in your dragon's keep in Foust. Thank you for the locket, I will always know where you are now He He He. Odis and my Father are helping Ethel and everything is running smoothly, so you don't have to worry.

r Love

r Your little Queen Aalis

rHaving read the letter that was send by his bride to be, and surprisingly not Odis, Elric decided to send one back to her.

rMy little Queen

rI found the thing that my mother had been looking for, but I will do as you say and spend a while here in this tiny sea side village with her. I live your idea to have her live in my old dragon's keep on Foust Kingdom. It will give me even more resion to visit often. Mother was very excited to learn that you were a princess and wants very much to see you. She cried when I told her that you wanted her to stand in for your mother that passed away when you where born. She said that she felt honored to do so for you. One day I will have to take you and father-in-law sailing. I will take you and mother out shopping once we make it back.

r Your King Elric


Chapter end

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