Dragon's Throne : Rise of Dragons – Ch.4 Western Port City of DawnStar

Ch.4 Western Port City of DawnStar

Lady Luck must have been shown the time of her life last night by Father Time, or she possesses a deep affection towards Elric. Because she rain down a heap of good fortune on him and his mother Ciara. For his father to happen to recruit a knight from a farming community on the western outskirts of the central region of the kingdom; for that knight to be assigned the guard his mother the queen's door on the day of his birth

/day of the attack on the capital; and for that knight to maintain a relationship with his old neighbors; odds are a billion to one. This knight who was named: Sam Beckett along with Willum Colt, the other door guard, were in the same batch of recruits that trained to be knights. So to pass the time during the trek to farm belonging to Sam's friend and old neighbor Tom Applewood, they began to recount tales of the past

Chapter end

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