Dragon's Throne : Rise of Dragons – Ch.8 Royal Summons

Ch.8 Royal Summons

It was a warm spring day and the now five year old Elric had finished going over the history of the local area including the rise to power of the current royal family. The Foust Kingdom came into power around three hundred years ago not through bloodshed like most but by a simple merchant that started a market of sorts for traveling merchants and adventures in the mostly unexplored north of the continent of Fargo. The market was extremely popular as the merchants did not have to risk the dangers of the harsh beast filled woodlands and the adventures no longer needed to head all the way back to a large city in the south to buy the supplies and replacement arms needed in their efforts to explore the north. As suck it quickly grew from a market zone in the woods to a frontier settlement with hundreds of residents. Within ten years it grew into what could be said to be the start of a new country or kingdom. Some thought that this man must have made a deal with a devil to be gifted a silver tongue thus the term

Chapter end

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