Eight Gods on a Windowsill – Atlanta's Rest

Atlanta's Rest

I looked about the ruins, trying to figure out my next course of action. I think I am going to make a quick stop before I continue trying to figure out what I am supposed to do next.<

/em> I said to Kaddyr and Lillith before teleporting myself before they could even comment. When the world reposed itself to me, I was once more at the entrance sign of Atlanta's Rest.

How is it that you have managed to gain control of this power so quickly?<

/em> Kaddyr asked. No doubt he was perplexed by the fact I had a hard time controlling my own actual abilities, yet could seemingly use others that derived from the soul shards I had acquired.

While you and Lillith were arguing, I managed to watch memories of yours and glean the feelings needed to possess such control. <

/em> I did my best to make myself sound suddenly erudite.

I glanced over at the sign. Its familiar weathered wood stood for a while despite the harsh weather. Atlanta's Rest wasn't the most prosperous town; but, it was home. DeWalt had once said there had been a town here once a long millennia ago. This town was built from its remnants. Something about the sign bothered me. It looked as it always had. At first, I couldn't pinpoint what made me feel so uneasy. Then, it dawned on me. Someone had crossed out the number six and replaced it with the number five.

I shook my head and proceeded to walk into town.

What are we doing here?<

/em> Lillith questioned.

I'm sure we will know in due time, Lillith.<



/em>As I walked through the town, it seemed oddly vacant. Those that were out seemed very hurried to get wherever they were going. I found it rather strange.

This is the place you call home, Mara?<


 It wasn't like this when we left, Kaddyr.<


I know where I can get answers.<

/em> I responded very matter-of-factly. I made a beeline to the mayoral office. Perhaps Benny would know something. Something seemed very off about Atlanta's Rest. I just didn't know what.

The mayoral office looked very dark from the outside, save one light on the second floor. Someone was inside. It was midmorning and Benny wouldn't have shut down the town yet. The curfew was ten at night. I walked up to the front door and realized two police officers were guarding the door. Lester and some other officer I had only seen in passing once or twice. Like the rest of the town, the mayoral building was built from reclaimed materials.

Once I reached the door, the officers crossed their rifles. Rifles they had been given by the Amali. 

Chapter end

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