Eight Gods on a Windowsill – Ashe'gard


I came to the gates of a very large wall. Its color that of crimson, like everything else I could see through the little port holes, gave the city its moniker. The Red City. I took a deep breath. I was about to enter the final resting place of Kaddyr and I had no idea how they would receive me.

Give them time, they said. Fine. I will try.<


 That is the most you can do, Mara. <

/em>Lillith said. We are not here to force anyone to join forces with us.<


 I'm not one to agree with Lillith. Most days. But, she is very right. <

/em>Kaddyr affirmed. Either we find those we can count on to aid us or somehow gain more power to finish what needs to be done.<



/em>I pushed the gates open. The door I chose was heavy, but less than I thought it would be. The bailey still showed signs of the struggle. Walls were cracked. There were bits of stone everywhere. I could even hear the shuffling of people just inside the city gates. This was definitely where Lillith had her fun.

I can't believe you did this in my body.<


 I'm sorry? <

/em>Lillith didn't really sound sorry. I did it to protect you. Mostly.<


 Protect her? From me? <

/em>Kaddyr exclaimed. In what part of your mind did you think I would harm our only chance at culling the destruction our forefathers would bring if they were allowed to return?<



/em>I could feel Lillith cringe. It felt so unnerving to know my body was inhabited by two other entities. Somehow, my body wasn't my own. I understood what my father said about why he did this. But, I wasn't sure he knew the ramifications of what he did.

Lillith didn't bother replying to him.

As I made it closer to the entrance of the walled city, I could hear the shuffling get closer. And then, alarms burst into the air. The screeching noise was so loud it drowned out all the noise in my head.

Chapter end

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