Forsaken Memories – A War Crime

A War Crime

Alan felt a huge force leaving his body as he rested his aura and laid back on a nearby tree while remembering that the way he fought today was not himself, his fighting style was enveloped with weird emotions which drifted his character away and resulted in a menace. However, Alan was drained and he had no idea if Barry was doing okay or not but for now he had to wish he was. He grabbed a tiny bag from his jacket and opened it up to reveal some kind of tube containing a serum that was given to him by Hazel in case of emergency.

rAt once he took the lid off and started to slurp it down without hesitation, after some while it felt as if his body was changing as he was slowly regaining his energy and his minor injury were starting to heal, He sat there as the serum did its work hoping to get on his feet before assisting Barry and Gabriel.

rThe swords clashed as the shing sound was heard all across the dense forest, their continuous momentum enabled them to be combat at incredible speed and if anyone broke that would result in being slashed, it felt like a game of stamina and agility. Soon their momentum was broken down as a flying unconscious body came in their path which forced them to withdraw their swords and backup.


Chapter end

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