Forsaken Memories – Unspoken Truths

Unspoken Truths

The next morning hit hard as all of them were too tired to get up, some would say it's a perk of boys but in this case, this was the habit of the three brothers. After some time of oversleeping, they finally got up and freshened up. They all reunited at the dining table to have some breakfast as this time Chef Barry had prepared their meal to which Alan and Gabriel were impressed and enjoyed the meal.

rAfter their meal they decided to head to their lawn to practice before heading out, all of them changed into their basic clothes so their uniform won't get dirty and made their way toward the lawn, Alan and Gabriel sparred while Barry sat on a boulder meditating and gently releasing his aura to gain even better control over it.

rAlan and Gabriel had an impressive friendly battle in which Alan won by just a few punches and secured the victory. Barry had done his meditation as well and signaled the boys to return home to take a bath and wear their uniform for the day.

rSo once again the boys refreshed themselves and decided to head out before gently petting Barry's cat and leaving the villa.


Chapter end

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