GINKEN: Sea Storm – Power System\/Abilities\/Characters (2023)

Power System\/Abilities\/Characters (2023)

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Power System\/Abilities
Power System\/Abilities\/Characters (2023)
[Time Skip\/New World] - Main Crew\/Characters' Abilities (2
Universe Anew
Evergreed Island
Battle For Trust
Ruler of the Grand Canyon
Torturing Storm
Setting Sail
Sea Lord
Deprived Widow! Timothy's Past!
Pelwick Island's Lost Harmony
Remote Anatomy & Perpetual Pursuit
The Black Panther
Unforeseen Raid
Unpenetratable Jaws
Reversed Battleground
Black Savior
Soaked in the Abyss
Fallen Below Depth
Joy of Victory
Underwater Curse
Treasure of Minnerane Island
Fake Deity
Non-Existent Riches
The Grim Isle
Skeletal Foe
Skeletal Army
Below the Surface
Vessel of Wind & Reality
Shadow Rider
Looming Threat
Pierced Soul
Rumble Ball
Lone Wolf
Death Sonata
Flow of the Fire
Rapid Battle
Demonic Showdown
Cycling Reaper
Freed From Enslavement
The Rift Transport
Oxfell Arton
Setting Off Alarm
Agent Assembly
Deceiving Agents
Escaping Line
Chasing Assailant
Whipping Punishment
Dragged Battle
Balloon Warrior Eagor
Unidentified Relation
Brotherly Showdown
Island of Sand & Heat
Giant Turtle
Giant Desert Crab
Wandering Princess
Kingdom's Despair
Sand Shark Surfers
Fierce Battle
Phoenix 'Pirates' VS. The Sand Shark Surfers
Walmo's Mission
Kou's & Ireene's Relation
Deadly Sandstorm
Successful Retreat
Truth of the Surfers
Hidden Past
Horrific Past of Kou's Life - Part 01
Horrific Past of Kou's Life - Part 02
Course To Central Wasakona
Crab Jazu's Reunion
Fortuitous Surrounding & Mistaken Invasion
Pre-Infiltrating Advances
Explosive Entrance
"Semi-Romantic" Crossing
Decayed Sword
Snarl of the Ascending Prism
King Artemis' Drag For the Clock Tower Cell
Revealed Vulnerability
To Rescue King Artemis
Saving the Kingdom Fails
No Promises Will Be Broken
To Guarantee The Victory
This Is Our Victory
This Is Where We Party
From One Point to Another
This Is Goodbye To the Golden Wasakona
To Return Back Home
To Visit the Water-Floating Restaurant
This Is My Bounty
Be My Ship's Cook
This Is My Talent Of Prettiness
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