I'm the villain, so what – Prologue


Varlette Kingdom is known for its four gods; fire, water, wind and earth.They are the major gods and ofcourse we have the minors too; The gods who are the combinations of two gods.

rThey are Ice, wood, lava, sand etc.

rMajor gods were the ones who created and gave life to the world and although the minors are stronger than them they are still ancient superiors, born from nothing but a vast void while minors are their children.

rWater and Wind for example, they gave birth to a new god, Ice God.

rAmong the other minor gods, the Ice god had more influence in the Varlette Kingdom.He could manifest Ice into water and is immuned to wind; truly powerful if you ask me.But he is picky for the holder of his amazing power.

rAnd because of this, Ice holders are rare and those who are blessed will suddenly dissapear only leaving black matter behind so Ice holders are treated with utmost care and security.

rIn this Kingdom every childborn is blessed with a god's power and they are called [ holder ] they can be blessed by a major god or a minor god but a very few had been selected by the almighty Ice god.

rAmongst the users of fire holders the Varlette Royalty is known for their great capability and compatibility with the Fire god's power.Some Fire holders burn their skins in their first times but Varlette had proved to everyone that they are superior when fire magic is involved.

rThe Fire god is the superior

/leader of major gods believed to personally visit her next holders in their dreams to bless them.And she had continously blessed the royal family and this power became their legacy.

rWho would have thought that one day a prince without a blessing of the fire god would be born.

rBehold Prince Sejin Varlette, a royal member; the first child.On his debut day he was crowned as the next king, even if he wasn't blessed by the Fire God the people accepted him.

rHe had everything you could dream of; piety, gold, jewelries and the crown.

rBut all of it was stolen away from him.

rA new prince was born with a high affiliation with the Fire god and maybe someday will take the fire god's superior seat.His crown was taken and given to his younger brother ─Kalev.

rHis friends abandoned him for his brother, his room given to his brother, and his parents love taken by his brother.

rHe blackened.

rHis kindness, his grace, his love ─all of it, was stripped off from him. All of it just because of his brother.

rAs days goes by, months that finally became years, no one remembered their first prince because he was outshined by his brother.He was abandoned ─abandoned by his loved ones, his people, his own kingdom.


Chapter end

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