I'm the villain, so what – The Suspicious

The Suspicious

Sejin's POV

rIt wasn't me.

rThe lingering emotion of resentment inside this vessel had fuel my own negative emotions thus rejecting the advances of my brother.

rHowever, could you blame me? Or the original Sejin?

rAfter years of no rescue, no one to guide him, the moon abandoning his child upon seeing his worthless state. The disappointed moon had gone far away seeing as their children succumb to a path of no return.

rWhich almost happened to the original Sejin.

rIn my last world, many were angered of Sejin's stupidity, he was only 8 when he can manipulate the shape of Ice, 9 when he can already summon the spirits of cold and, he was 10 when he was already strong enough to kill the blacks.

rIronic, isn't it?

rA child of Ice, strong, mighty and powerful was kidnapped?

rEven then, the children of the Ice god could have fought their executors however they chose to go and die.

rWhy is that? It was a question that even I couldn't answer given that I have past knowledge about this game.


Chapter end

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