King of Great Britain – Chapter 8 Loyalty

Chapter 8 Loyalty

Although young Lord Rouchet was feeling perplexed, he still gathered all the nobles of the Gloucester's lordship together as John had instructed.

These nobles gathered on the grassy ground in front of the church, their heads swaying in the sunlight like a group of simpletons.

John didn't pay much attention to them but instead searched everywhere for a suitable place for himself to stand. The grassy ground in front of the church was indeed smooth enough, but there wasn't a high enough place for John to stand.

Guillaume, an old comrade-in-arms, took decisive action and brought out a small stool from somewhere, handing it to John. This simple action revealed a wealth of worldly experience.

After John stood on the small stool, all the nobles turned their gaze towards him.

These days, John had been attracting a lot of attention. First, he had defeated bandits under the walls of Gloucester, and then he had been knighted at a banquet. Now, with the death of the Earl of Gloucester, John was likely to inherit most of the old Earl's property.

All the attention of Gloucester's lordship was focused on John.

Chapter end

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