Magus: Hundred Fold Quest Rewards – The Sphere

The Sphere

Sissy, accompanied by Kar, had gone to check with the gate guard. Night was coming close, and the whole day had stressed out everyone, and they didn't have enough energy to chase after a man. They would get information today and would capture Fordishe tomorrow.

Martin and Kishna made their way towards the ship that was supposedly their sleeping quarters till they arrived on the other continent. Outside the encampment was what looked like a mall's parking lot, with clearly defined borders and neatly arranged vehicles. The difference was that the used were very large and varied in design drastically.

Some looked like alien spaceships, one was even a very large demi-gryph with a basket on its back. Most though were variations of a blimp and a ship. Their ride was different, with it being a perfect sphere. Its diameter was about five times Martin's height, which made it a massive behemoth compared to the others.

And if to punctuate the stupid wealth of the guilds, it was gold. Or at least plated with gold, upon closer inspection at the scratches on it, it definitely was just a thin gold layer over a silvery-chromatic metal.

From the seamless surface of the sphere, a door appeared, magically seperating and moving without a hinge. Inside they could see Recruiter Velkron with another man, this one with a pot belly and a cherry smile. The man had a cap on his head, vaguely reminiscent of a navy hat.

Chapter end

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