Magus: Hundred Fold Quest Rewards – The Chain

The Chain

The sky was indescribable, in a way that transcended anything he had seen before. Where the suns were a fascination, they were still present in modern media like in Star Wars and Star Trek, but this was ona whole other level.

It was a chain of rocks, moons and luminous gas. Like a strand of DNA made of celestial matter, intertwining in a ring that went from horizon to horizon. A rainbow of colors, from blue to crimson to verdant to royal purple. It flowed, moved with enough speed for the eye to track it, as it surged and ebbed, receding into a colourless chain and then exploding into a riot of colours.

The rhythm, if there was one, seemed random. Sometimes the surges would last for several minutes, lighting up the terrain with all sorts of colours, other times it would return colourless and the area would turn into total darkness.

They were significant moons inside the chain, sporadically positioned without rime or reason. They came in all sorts of colours, and the surface, from the little he could glean, was made from different materials than the moon rocks he was used to.

Chapter end

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