Magus: Hundred Fold Quest Rewards – Disparity Between Talents

Disparity Between Talents

Perfection of the technique, at least to the standards of Velkron, took several days. They either were too slow or too fast, too stiff or too loose, or any other hundred esoteric measurements that he deemed insufficient.

The training grounds became their home. Everyday, from dawn to dusk, they would be practicing and practicing and practicing. Doing the same movements again and again until mastery, then perfection. Time seemed to ebb away as the sphere was constantly lit up no matter the phase of the suns or the chain.

Even with the gentleness of the technique, the soft slow movements, they were laid out cold each day from exhaustion. He felt sore in places he didn't know he could sore from.

It wasn't without its benefits though, energy that now he knew was called mana, coursed through his body in a never ending stream. It got sucked up his roots and into the trunk, where he felt a slowly rising pressure manifest itself.

The pressure would eventually explode into a small puddle of essence-mana, a type of mana that made mana. Like osmosis, if he depleted his mana the essence mana would start producing mana to fill up his mana pool.

According to the Recruiter, for people rated with a one in their spirit root affinity, they would take half a year to unlock their mana pool. For the twos, it was four to five months. Threes, two-three months.

Then it could be far worse, at least for keeping up with the fours and fives. People blessed with fours could fill it up in ten days. And fives, twenty four hours.

The sheer disparity struck Martin, and his companions like hammer to their hope. Where ones and twos had to struggle for more than a hundred days, fours could do it in a tenth of the time, and fives could do it in a hundredth of the time.

He was a two point five, he was taking the test as his soul subverted the other one, so he was probably either a two or a three. Though knowing his luck, he was probably a two. He'd have to find a crystal that could measure his talent. Preferably without surveillance.

Chapter end

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