Magus: Hundred Fold Quest Rewards – Teenage Outbursts

Teenage Outbursts

The suns were shining brightly down on the world. The blue and green suns blaring their existences as they rose into the sky, clearing away the Chains.

He had wondered how the Chain didn't cast any shadows on the ground. It turned out that they phased out of existence, the light from the suns banished them into another dimension.

They were traveling over a vast desert for the whole night, and over the haze, they could start to see spires protruding from the dunes.

Everybody was excited, even Velkron. Two weeks aboard this sheep was a luxury many couldn't afford with its warm showers and many many desks. But the ship was not a pleasure cruiser, it was a war machine, and it was designed that way.

The walls were overbearing and tight, the corridors and stairs efficient and narrow. There weren't many distractions other than training, drinking mead and talking.

The elusive Captain, Bartos Moss, was present. Unlike Velkron who descended from the officers quarters to socialize and train, the Captain was rarely seen outside of it. The crew said that he had a mistress on board, and figured that he was spending all day fornicating.

Not one to judge, Martin kept his eyes on the upcoming city.

Chapter end

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