Master of Amber – Third Test Begins!

Third Test Begins!

Sun enjoyed the attention everyone was giving him, his ears twitching as he heard the whispers of his fellow students. His expression quickly changed from that of excitement to pride and arrogance.

' I wonder If I can surpass my father,' He placed his foot inside the room as he muttered,' No, I need to surpass him or else my life won't be anything different than his!'

Sun swore in his heart!

By now, his body had already fully entered the room. As he did, he could feel an invisible pressure pressing on his body, as if a wall was in front of him preventing further steps. Sweat began forming on his forehead as he noticed the severity of his situation.

It was at that moment when Sun began feeling terrified at his own performance and potential grade-talent that the specks of lights in the room began slowly moving towards him, they darted around his body like countless beautiful birds dancing around.

He slowly felt the pressure pressed on his body drop, the invisible wall blocking his way suddenly felt nonexistent. Right after, Sun gritted his teeth, mustered his strength, and gathered the courage to walk forward.

He took slow steady steps, nervous that the wall would appear in front of him again, crushing his dreams and hopes.

Surprisingly, even though Sun felt some pressure preventing him from moving with ease, he still managed to walk ten steps ahead. However, after the eleventh step, the wall that he thought was gone reappeared, blocking his way with a force countless times stronger.

Sun failed to move forward when the wall reappeared, he nervously looked around to check on the specks of light, only to find a couple of them still hovering around him, the rest of them completely ignored his existence.

Thomas sighed watching this scene, while recording what happened in the book he took out, he said,

Chapter end

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