My Book Is Too Magical – The Dark Hound, Dodo

The Dark Hound, Dodo

Gilgamel has been running his appraisal business for three years, and his reputation is well-known to many people in the city, even some colleagues at Owl.

Although the fees he charges are quite costly, he has high credibility, and all the information he conveys is one hundred percent accurate. 

In the beginning, many doubted Gilgamel's ability to appraise due to his young age. However, as time passed, such skepticism faded.

Firstly, Gilgamel earned trust by consistently providing honest information to his customers. He never concealed or falsified object information out of greed.

Secondly, people learned he was a member of Owl, a reputable organization. 

Owl strictly prohibits illegal activities among its members and would not hesitate to involve law enforcement to arrest and punish those involved in fraudulent activities.

Although Owl allowed its members to act arrogantly, it did not allow them to act unscrupulously and have no regard for the rules. Otherwise, even if Owl ignored it, the Magic Council would be the one to act.

The Magic Council is the governing body of the wizarding world, consisting of twelve powerful wizards with different hierarchical branches depending on the continent. 

As the primary governing body of the wizarding world, the Council wields almost complete control over it, functioning as a leading government with specific councils for each continent. 

The Council oversees all legal wizard organizations across the Arcane World, regulating and monitoring their activities. It is responsible for addressing events caused by wizards and has the authority to punish those who break the law.

Although Owl was powerful and prestigious in the Moniyan Empire, it was nothing compared to the world-ruling Magic Council. 

Therefore, to avoid the Magic Council's attention, Owl had to keep its members in check routinely. This also applies to other legal organizations. 

With strict regulations from inside and outside the organization, how dare Gilgamel cheat his customers? Not to mention, he had no intention of doing such a thing from the beginning.

The last reason is that many people believe that Gilgamel has Divine Protection.

Divine protection is a blessing bestowed upon people at birth by the world. Each blessing has unique abilities and can develop as the owner's strength grows.

The distinction between Divine Protection and magic talent is that the former can manifest among non-wizards, while the latter is exclusive to wizards.

Many people believed the rumor, but Gilgamel didn't deny it even though he knew this ability didn't come from Divine Protection.

It was said that those born with Divine Protection will know they have it without being told. If that strange book was a form of Divine Protection, how could Gilgamel not realize it?

Furthermore, Divine Protection is typically present from birth, but the strange book only appeared when he stepped into the wizarding world.

It was all the more reason to believe that his strange book was not Divine Protection. 

As for where is his strange book came from... Who knows? It was probably an exclusive gift from the Cosmos Traveler Alliance for travelers like him.

Anyway, admitting he had a Divine Protection didn't cause him any harm. In fact, it was beneficial to him. Thanks to that, he could join Owl despite his poor magic talent.

Gilgamel locked the door of his shop. Then he looked at the black dog lying by the door and said,

Chapter end

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