My Werewolf System – The System

The System

The explanation from Damion continued about today’s special task. There were five briefcases in front of them, and there were five of them. Each person was to deliver the suitcase in front of them to the correct location safely, and naturally they had all been given different locations.

rDamion continued to mention some other details, but Gary was not paying too much attention to that, still focused on the briefcase in front of him, waiting for it to move again. Gary was smart enough to figure out the reason for there being five of them. A few of them had to be dummies, mixed in to confuse whoever might plan to steal them.

rIf his intuition was right, the one in front of him was the real one. That and the fact that he could have sworn he saw it move, although ever since he had started staring at it, it had behaved like a normal suitcase.

r'Am I imagining things?' Gary started to doubt himself.

rHe looked at one of the men in a suit who was closest to the case. The two of them made eye contact for a brief second before Gary looked away. If he kept up eye contact for any longer, he was worried he was going to get hit.


Chapter end

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