Offspring Of Evil – A Cold Morning

A Cold Morning

16 Years Later.

The air was cold this morning even though it was sunny. Numerous muffled murmurs of curious bystanders standing behind yellow tape that stretched around an apartment complex, guarded by police could be heard all the way from Yeon-Hee's car as she stared at them with a placid expression, hiding the dread and anticipation of what she was about to go into.

Yeon-Hee was now a policewoman, a detective to more precise. She chose the same career path as her father. She had short hair that touched her shoulders, dark brown eyes that had barely visible circles around them that didn't dull her pretty features in the slightest.

Leaning over the passenger seat and opening the glove box compartment, she took out a small yellow cylinder, labelled as her prescription medicine and twisted the cap off, taking out and swallowing two red and yellow pills which were washed down with some water from her grey metal flask. She sighed after swallowing them, jumping in place as a knock came out of nowhere on her window that frightened her.

Her team member, Kim Dae-Bom with his long and round face, brown eyes with average features came into view with a wide smile. She stared at him with an expression of shock that quickly turned into an annoyed one.

Chapter end

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