Prey To The Demon King – Prophecy


In a world where the fantastical and mythical existed among humans, where creatures of unimaginable power tread upon the earth, the tapestry of existence was woven with threads of magic and mystery. Here, amidst the sprawling expanse of the world, lay five kingdoms, each a fortress of different supernatural beings that roamed the land.

r The Moon Kingdom, where the haunting howls of werewolves echoed through the night, their fierce and primal nature as they ruled the lunar landscape.

r The Scarlet Kingdom was the home to witches who wielded their powers with both light and dark intentions, their realm divided by a border that separated the benevolent from the malevolent. The Fae Kingdom, where ethereal faeries dance among the enchanted forests, their whimsical spirits flitting through the air like shimmering fireflies.

r The Blackthorne Kingdom, shrouded in darkness and inhabited by night creatures that prowled the shadows, their predatory instincts guiding their every move.

r And finally, Eldoria, the human kingdom, where mortal men and women dwell in the midst of a world teeming with the supernatural and menace.

r Among these kingdoms, a delicate balance of power existed, with the strongest beings holding dominion over the weaker.

r The night creatures reigned supreme, their ferocity unmatched and their dominance unchallenged.

r The werewolves followed close behind, their primal strength a force to be reckoned with. The witches, with their mastery of sorcery, held sway over the elements, their power a formidable presence in the world.

r Meanwhile, the faeries and humans found themselves at the bottom of the hierarchy, their abilities pale in comparison to the might of their supernatural counterparts. The humans, in particular, were vulnerable to the whims of the creatures that roamed the land, their lack of special abilities leaving them defenceless against the predations of the night.

r For centuries, the humans have endured, their lives a constant struggle against the monsters that seek to prey upon them. The werewolves feasted on their flesh, the vampires fed on their blood and the dark witches exploited their vulnerability, using them for slavery and dark rituals.

r But amidst the darkness and despair, a glimmer of hope emerged, a beacon of light in the shadowy abyss.

r A being of unparalleled power, hailing from the underworld, descended upon Eldoria, the human kingdom, like a whirlwind of change. In a single night, he usurps the throne from the human king, his presence casting a shroud of uncertainty over the land.

r Henceforth, the Demon King of Eldoria was made, a figure of terror and awe who ruled with an iron fist, his reign marked by both fear and prosperity. Under his leadership, the humans found themselves protected from the predatory nature of the supernatural beings that once preyed upon them, their newfound safety all thanks to the Demon King's unmatched strength and authority.

r Beside the Demon King stood his four trusted demon lords, each as formidable as the next. Feared and revered for their unimaginable prowess, they rule alongside their king, their true motives shrouded in mystery.

r To the humans, the Demon King was both a terror and a saviour, his presence ensuring their safety even as it filled them with dread. For centuries, Eldoria remained a sanctuary, shielded from the predators of the supernatural by the ironclad rule of their demonic protector.

r But fate was a fickle mistress, and even the most stable of realms can be shaken by the winds of change.

r In the quiet moments before a new dawn, a prophecy whispered of a child born under a baleful moon, destined to reshape the very fabric of destiny and challenge the balance of nature that had held sway for so long.

r And so, as destiny unfolded and the patterns of fate were rewritten, the pillars of balance trembled, their foundations shaken by the winds of change that swept across the realm.

r In the heart of Eldoria, the forest was serene, the birds chirping peacefully and the gentle ripple of the streams echoed softly, giving the forest a tranquil backdrop in the forest air.

r Suddenly, the piercing sound of a scream tore through the quiet solitude of the forest.

r Within the heart of the forest, a small cottage stood proudly and inside the cottage, an agonizing cry erupted from within through the passing moments. Every shrill cry emanating from the cottage sliced through the quiet air, disrupting the stillness.

r It was a cry of pain from a woman, her cries weren't that of mere physical pain, but the pain of bringing a new life into the world.

r After what felt like an eternity, the high pitched sound of a baby's cry rang within the vicinity as it erupted from within the confines of the cottage.

r Inside the cottage, the woman who had just given birth lay on the bed weakly in her disheveled state, but despite the cluttered state she was in, her striking beauty never diminished in the slightest.

r Her chest heaved heavily from the strenuous activity at that moment and her body relaxed limply on the bed as she let out raspy breaths.

r Her brown hair splayed messily on the pillow her head was resting on. As she struggled to open her eyes, her head fell to the side for her to catch a glimpse of the ethereal man standing beside her with the newborn baby wrapped in his arms.


Chapter end

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