Prey To The Demon King – Rolling Years

Rolling Years

{11 years later}

r The years rolled by like a waterfall down the slope hills. Both Malia and Dabria grew up to be beautiful young women with striking features that struck anyone who was graced with their sight, dumb.

r Malia's hair was lustrous and thick, reaching her waistline. Every strand was inked with ebony that glimmered under the sun and her forest green eyes was like an enchantment that was capable of luring even the strongest of hearts into her charming gaze.

r Unlike the other maidens who yearned to be thin, starving themselves to fit into the beauty standards, Malia was never one to worry about her physical looks, she was slim and sculpted like a refined art piece, her curves were undeniably perceptible despite what she wore.

r As Malia grew into a beautiful young woman, her sharp features not only earned her the admiring looks and interest from men, but also intimidation and fear. As much as men drooled over her, her intimidating features as well as her candor and independence only made the men take steps back.

r Malia had always rather been defiant and direct in her words and actions, regardless of the society and what they thought about her. To her, marriage was only a trap for fragile women who didn't have a say in the society since they had been moulded to be inferior and submitting to men, but she vowed it would never be her fate.

r Malia would rather explore the world, go on dangerous adventures that would make her blood flow with adrenaline, but unfortunately, she was stuck in the kingdom, since it would be dangerous to leave and leaving would mean being vulnerable to the perils of the other kingdoms.

r Dabria, on the other hand, bloomed like an exotic flower in another dimension. Her pristine White hair cascaded down her back, almost reaching her knees in silky, exotic waves. Her glowing magenta eyes enamored all who gazed upon her.

r Every single soul who had come across the enchanting beauty was always left in a state of chokehold. They were left in a trance, like a siren's call.

r Although, her beauty was an enamor to all, it terrified as much as it captivated. To the people, she was an ethereal siren, captivating but dangerous, making everyone else to avoid her like the plague.

r Elara, their step sister had also grown up to possess a lovely beauty, but as the years fleeted by and their beauty bloomed like fresh roses in the morning sun, envy festered in Elara's heart as her beauty could not hold a candle to both Malia's and Dabria's captivating features.

r She possessed stunning golden locks and sapphire blue eyes. Although her feautures were above the average maidens, Elara still envied the two unique beauties that she couldn't compete with, no matter how hard she tried, leading to resentment in her heart for them.

r Throughout the years, it had been quite tough for Dabria. She had always been the outcast in the kingdom, despite spending over a decade there without harming a single soul or portraying any threat whatsoever.

r Still, every single time she went out, all eyes narrowed towards her direction and murmurs would rise through the crowd. Dabria had gotten used to it, ignored everyone and their jeers.

r In the past, when Dabria was younger, she used to cry and feel sad about her plight, she had hated how different she was from the everyone, but having Malia by her side only strengthened her and soon, she learned to stop caring about everyone else's opinion.

r Despite putting it all aside, sometimes it had still hurt, especially when the people were not nice enough to lower their voices or hide their disgusted stares. The jeers and taunt mostly came from the young women whom Malia indicated as jealous, but she wasn't quite certain of that.

r Whether or not, they were jealous of her looks, it had still hurt anyway. The vulgar words and labellings that always seemed to penetrate through her skin.

r Dabria couldn't understand why they would mock and throw insults at her for her looks when they admired her and was also jealous.

r If only she could, she would gladly exchange her looks with theirs. The looks and ostracization would stop and perhaps, she would feel normal, but unfortunately, it was an impossible wish.

r As Dabria grew older, she finally realized the truth, that her mother was dead, but oddly, she handled it quite well. Although she was still little when her mother died, she could still vividly remember her face and she never forgot a single memory of her.

r Dabria missed her mother, but she was able to let go, yet not fully let go. There were still answers she sought everyday, but there was no way to find them. Everyday, she yearned to know what her true lineage was but there was not a single piece of puzzle to start with.

r Rather, the only thing her mother left her with, was a crystal necklace. She had no idea where to start from, where to look or who to meet.

rDabria had once or twice gone to a diviner to get something, to connect the truth of her existence together, but unfortunately, even the diviner had been scared of her. It had been a waste of time since the diviner had told her that she was a curse meant to punish her mother.

r It was a devastating revelation, but one she couldn't fully believe. Although, the words rang in her head but Malia had assured her that the diviner had lied.

r Andrew who had taken her in, on the other hand had fallen terribly ill over the past three months. The expenses for his treatment was quite expensive and the girls had been working harder, selling the crops from their farm to gather the money.

r Elara and her mother, Lovessa however, instead of helping them, lazed around while they did the work. It had always been that way, but Malia didn't care to put up a fight this time. After all, she wasn't doing it for them but instead for her father.

r With their Father, bedridden, both Elara and her mother were now free to release their resentment and hatred on them, but Malia was too tough on her own for them to maltreat and neither was Dabria.

r Despite her kind heart and soft nature, she was never yielding to their nonsense and she put everyone right back in their place, sometimes, she even used their fear against them, shutting them up in the process.

r Over the years, Malia and Dabria's bond had grown stronger, their friendship turned into a sisterhood of a lifetime.

r Malia had always been sharp witted, within a few years, she had truly realized her potential but was still contemplating on what exactly she was.

r Malia had been able to do some tricks with her powers which she couldn't still quite well control but her most impressive was being able to manipulate the mind, but the two of them had been sure to keep their lips sealed, not informing a single soul of Malia's impressive yet dangerous abilities.


Chapter end

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