Reincarnated With The Extraterrestrial System – Anon Oriken Spacecraft

Anon Oriken Spacecraft

[Anon Pillar]

Alien Archive Description: [The ever-evolving body of Flying Disc Core; the ever-changing foundation of the Anon Oriken spacecraft that contains the Anon Scientist's operational base, which includes, but is not limited to, the unnamed factory, genetics laboratory, orbital bodies mechanical production base, and general manufacturing extraterrestrial cube.]



[The Anon Pillar and Flying Disc Core resonate with each other.]

[Merging of two correlated extraterrestrial objects possible.]

[Upon merging, the gradual construction of the Anon Oriken spacecraft will begin.]

[Would you like to start its merging process?]

Krishnaya's Reminder: [Because of this world's natural, somewhat incomprehensible laws, some changes on the Anon Oriken spacecraft are inevitable.]

After some time, before Grey decided to configure the two significant alien objects, he recalled the [Flying Disc Core], stopping its current tasks of grave importance.

Facing the floating [Anon Pillar], something that resembled a glowing metallic steel rod bathing with intense electricity, and the [Flying Disc Core], the disc-shaped object filled with nano-AI, Grey did not hesitate to start the merging process.

Chapter end

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