Reincarnated With The Extraterrestrial System – Incomplete Power System

Incomplete Power System

It had been three weeks since Grey was reincarnated in this bizarre and distant world known as Magica.<


Even then, apart from impulsively saving the abandoned Princess of the Holy Empire of Lumenasia, Grey's purpose in moving forward was still unclear as though his future still lingered in a murky mist—something yet to subside and to be cleared.

Everything still felt surreal. However, with the short time he had been with the little Princess, along with the unbelievable things he had witnessed so far, Grey eventually accepted his new reality as someone different; something with alien biology but with a human heart and mind.

Presently, after a week since the little verbal scuffle against the little Princess because of Soul Core H DNA, Grey began learning the inner features of the Anon Oriken while the abandoned girl continued with her daily routine provided by the modified Extraterrestrial System.

In front of him, as he sat in a dark green metallic chair, several monitors were incessantly showing every movement within the alien ship aside from Princess Quintella's private lodge.

Electricity was never needed to power the entire space disc; only the Anon Oriken Core alone was enough, which possessed self-regulating mysterious energy that seemed eternal unless it was disassembled or damaged through any possible means.

With that said, Grey tried to look for any possible loopholes or weaknesses in the spacecraft as he spoke quite loud,

Chapter end

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