Reincarnated With The Extraterrestrial System – Alien Village Development (2)

Alien Village Development (2)

Scrutinizing either the interior of the Anon Oriken spacecraft or his current location known as the vast Dark Lands, Grey still could not shake the peculiarity of his circumstances.

Encapsulated within the interiors of the Anon Oriken, Grey felt like he was in a futuristic world because of the surrounding unfathomable alien technologies in his arsenal that even Earth did not or would never possess.

However, being outside the Anoboid-made walls of this ginormous medium of transportation and destructive weapon in its own right, what Grey's eyes could see was an empty land filled with different kinds of monsters born from the mysterious Oriforce, and dead woods where the vitality of nature was nonexistent.

'It feels like going back and forth, from a sci-fi-like environment to a depraved magical one.' He thought to himself as he faced the seven adventurers after temporarily descending from the alien spacecraft.

Chapter end

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