Right Next To Hell (RNTH) – The Difference Between The Bad, The Good, The Naive And The

The Difference Between The Bad, The Good, The Naive And The

It was just a year ago, Gina used to tell me that the difference between bad people and good people is their decisions. And anyone can be the bad person at anytime. But once you become the bad one, a thousand good will be equivalent to pretense, because nobody trusts you again. She said it was the same for naivity and those who were seen as smart. For the naive ones, it’s their decisions or indecisions, and for the smart ones, it’s their decisions. But once a smart one gets played, it becomes “game over”. At this point, I’m the naive one, and Michael is definitely the bad one, but Clara, what is she? Is she smart or bad? Perhaps she could be good, but I can’t tell yet. Falling a victim several times only makes you a fool, and that’s how the world sees it.


r“No one is dragging with you what’s or what’s not yours Michael,”

r“Besides, Beatrice here is not an item to be owned, especially not when she’s my guest,” Clara said with much audacity in her voice. At that point I thought she might get Michael thrown out.

rOh! If she does that I’ll remain indebted to her. I’d worship her feet like a god because she would have saved me. I’d use that medium to escape. What if I tell her now that I was forced to sign a contract by Michael? Will she believe me? What will happen next? All those thoughts rummaged my head and I saw hope in my eyes, it was beautiful.

r“Clara, this is not a fight of wit nor might. There’s nothing here except I’m leaving and I need to leave with my fiancee,”

r“I am a busy man for god sake!” Michael exclaimed. He looked like one in rage, and if I picked up anything at all, it was that Michael has a very short temper. His distorted demeanor made me feel disgusted.

r“I will go with him,” I said out of the blue even shocking my own self. Clara looked at me, her eyes searching mine asking me the question of if I was alright. Perhaps she never expected me to say that. It felt like she knew something was not right. But why did I jump in and said I’d go with Michael? Was it because Clara who was seated calmly had suddenly stood up and was walking towards me and Michael who was full of rage? Was I scared that something might happen that would go out of control? What was it that pushed me to say I would go with him?

r“Of course you would?” Clara smirked. Then she walked towards us regardless, and when she was close enough to me she whispered into my ears, “I know better than you think,”

rThose words got me. And it left me with the question of whether or not she knew about what I signed with Michael or if she had an idea of something different. But regardless what it was, the look she gave to me as she kissed Michael on his left cheek was enough for me to know that her idea was definitely not far from the truth, even if it was probably not the truth.

r“Have a safe one back home,” Clara said before walking out and asking us to shut the door to her room once we leave.

rMichael watched after her back as she left, his eyes stayed on the door until he seemed satisfied enough. Then he grabbed my hair. I whinced in pain as his hand got to the root of my natural hair.

r“There was a reason I told you to stay away from Clara! You could have rejected her offer when she asked you to move around with her!” he said. His anger seemed heightened, and I could barely open my mouth to speak to him at that moment. I could not even plead with him to let me go. And it wasn’t even my pride getting in the way, it was the hatred I was developing for him, it kept me from begging and I just whinced at the pain he was causing me.

r“I fancy you a lot, and that’s why I decided to keep you. Do not spoil that,” he said before letting go of my hair abruptly, making me to stagger. He dragged me by the hand, making me follow him out of the room in a hurry as his pace was fast. It was a miracle I didn’t fall because heels were not one of the things I was used to.

rHow does fancying me gives him the room to make me his prisoner? Where was the relation in that?

rWhen we got outside where the party was being held, Michael wrapped his arms around my waist as he led me out. He had stopped dragging me. I noticed the MC was giving a speech and almost everyone was supposed, perhaps waiting for him to mention a name since his speech was an eulogy of a personality; a very prominent person it seemed. I did not see Clara around anywhere. But I noticed Tony at a corner, he was all smiles talking to some guests, I guess, unless they were family and not guests.

rAs we approached Michael’s car, the voice of the MC kept fading away, and my stomach kept sinking in while my heart felt heavy. It was as though I had missed the only opportunity to become free, and I wanted to punch myself so bad. But instead I bit my lower lip not realising we’ve already gotten to the car and Michael was handing me the blindfold.

r“If you keep biting that lip like that, it will draw blood, and you’ll have to worry about the wound for the rest of the morrow,” Michael said to me. He sounded like he was concerned about my well being, but I doubt he had anything good in his heart for me. Even the nicest of people are the devil. So without saying a word, I stretched my hand to get the blindfold. But he prevented me. He asked me to get in the car first whilst asking me if I expected him to help me into the car if I covered my eyes before I got to sit inside, like he wasn’t the one giving it to me while I was still standing. So, following his instruction, I got inside the car. Michael followed suit, taking the driver’s side. Then he finally handed me the blindfold which I wore over my eyes. Then I shut my eyes and laid my head back embracing the darkness and waiting for Michael to start the car and zoom off. That was what I thought would happen, not until I heard a crashing sound and a loud thud.


Chapter end

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