Seeker of Truths – [Settlement]


As Claude's consciousness fluttered back, he found himself in a large white tent whilst the bed he rested on seemed to be made of straw. 

'An actual bed!?' Claude thought to himself as he briefly considered going back to sleep and enjoying this comfortable rest which he hadn't had for quite a while.

However, thinking of his current situation, he couldn't find in him to rest any longer as he thought back to yesterday.

'That's right yesterday!' Sitting up, Claude stretched a bit as he tried to sift through his memories- attempting to remember what had happened yesterday.

He arrived in a strange world, fought a venomous snake, faked being a divine emissary and entered a v<

/em>illage. Then there was the mention of ruins and some sort of monsters.<


Massaging his brows, he couldn't help but wonder how his life had suddenly turned so... colourful?<


Nevertheless, the only thing that served as consolation was the fact his mental energy had recovered to its peak during his sleep.

Getting up, his eyes adjusted to the dim light provided by the softly glowing lanterns.

He noticed the thick, black rugs that covered the floor, made from the furs of animals unknown to Claude. 

A wooden desk, where Raymond's diary lay, and its accompanying chair sat in the corner of the tent, offering a place for him to write and review his knowledge. 

Previously, his understanding of surface tension had saved his life, he certainly wanted to make sure he understood all the knowledge relevant to his spells.

Furthermore, he wanted to try and learn the other spells in the book. In the apprentice section of the diary, there had only been three spells recorded in it.

He hoped to master all of them as soon as possible so that he could improve his fighting strength. That was the only he could find any sense of security in this foreign world.

Shaking off his contemplations, Claude got up and placed the garland that hung from his neck onto the desk alongside his diary.

Exiting the tent, he cast his gaze upward, pondering a single thought that drifted through his mind.

'It's still night...' At this point, he could all but confirm this peculiar feature of this world, a world of eternal night.

He only hoped that other worlds if he ever visited them, would at least offer a more familiar cycle of day and night.

Looking away from the sky and around at the settlement, Claude found himself at the heart of a bustling scene.

Tents were scattered about everywhere in his vision, people busily going about their days, children playing.

However, seeing Claude, they all secretly peeked at him from time to time.

Sensing this attention, Claude could only complain to himself secretly. After all, this was due to his actions.

Soon, a young woman walked up to him attracting his attention.

She was similar to everyone else with her sickly pale skin and straight brown hair, her eyes filled with curiosity and awe whenever she looked at Claude.

Chapter end

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