Seeker of Truths – [Titans]


Despite the heavy atmosphere, the group had no choice but to press on.

A potential treasure trove lay before them in the form of this cathedral, a place once dedicated to the worship of the Gods.

They hoped to at least find weapons, knowledge, and information that could aid their survival in this hostile world and protect their families and loved ones.

Standing at the forefront of the group, Karl licked his parched lips and stared at the massive door that stood stalwartly before him, made of an aged bronze dulled by time and weather.

With both hands outstretched, Karl pushed against the door, straining his muscles, but to no avail. His veins bulged as he exerted all his strength, but the door remained immovable.

Observing this, the others stepped forward one by one to assist him.



With a unified effort from the group, the door finally gave way, opening with a piercing creak.

The hinges groaned in protest, and dust cascaded from the top of the doorframe, shimmering in the crimson moonlight.

As they entered, their footsteps echoed in the vast empty space and their breathing hitched.

Their eyes widened as they all took in the sheer grandeur of the cathedral's interior.

Opulent stained-glass windows lined the walls, the crimson moonlight filtering through them to cast eerie, multicoloured patterns on the stone floor.

Some windows depicted large, unknown machines surrounded by men, while others showcased towering steel titans looming over the humans in the images.

The ceiling, higher than any they had seen before, was supported by massive iron columns, riveted together in a style reminiscent of a blacksmith's work, but on an unimaginable scale.

Chapter end

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