Seeker of Truths – [Silent Sacrifice]

[Silent Sacrifice]

Whilst all this was happening, off in the coastal city of Littorbourg nearby something strange was taking place.

On the city's outskirts, a secluded alley lay shrouded in darkness, lit only by moonlight, in stark contrast to the well-lit streets nearby.

Despite the deathly quiet atmosphere in the alley, it was not in complete desolation as figures shuttled around within it. 

The figures were all draped in darkly coloured hoods that concealed both their appearance and stature. 

Nevertheless, these figures soon congregated before a tattered, wooden door. One of them, presumably their leader knocked on the door, and behind the door, some shuttling around could be heard.

The peephole on the door was removed and an eye could be seen from it, as it began staring down at the group in front of the door.

After the person behind the door examined the people before him, a voice soon echoed from behind the door.

Chapter end

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