The Alpha's Dilemma – _In the Grip of the Alpha's lust_

_In the Grip of the Alpha's lust_

The opulent hotel room door swung open, and Alpha Kael stumbled in, his strongly defined features distorted by the haze of alcohol. He staggered towards the bed, his broad shoulders swaying like a towering tree in a storm. The room spun around him, a blur of luxury and excess.

Aurora, a vision of beauty and grace, entered the room with a gentle knock. Her long, raven hair fell down her back like a waterfall, and her piercing green eyes shone like emeralds in the dim light. As the hotel attendant assigned to Alpha Kael, she had seen her fair share of wealthy and powerful guests, but there was something about this Alpha that made her heart race.

As she approached the bed, Alpha Kael's eyes fluttered open, and he gazed at her with a mixture of confusion and desire.

Chapter end

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