The Alpha's Dilemma – Echoes of the past

Echoes of the past

While Aurora and Annie were secretly going for check-ups in the hospital, waiting for the right time to tell her family that she was going to birth two children for Alpha Kael, the Alpha and his family were making plans for his union with Valtira. Although Kael's grandmother was not in support of him marrying Valtira, she couldn't object because she knew what was at stake. Alpha Kael loved his grandmother, but he couldn't please her because he loved Valtira, and their Union would make his pack stronger.

It wasn't long before Aurora's family began to notice the changes in her behavior and the way she and Annie had been acting. Aurora's uncle grew suspicious and had her followed. His private investigator came back with the news of her pregnancy, but the father's identity was unknown. Her uncle was consumed by anger, and his voice thundered through the house as he called out to Aurora.

The family gathered around, shocked by the uncle's outburst. Aurora couldn't help but cry, seeing the worried and confused look on her mother's face when the news of her pregnancy was dropped.

Chapter end

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