The Billionaire's Model – Thank you

Thank you

Stephanie's POV

Stephanie was getting ready to meet Alexander. It was three days after agreeing to be his fake wife and two days after signing what seemed like her life away but was really just a contract and an NDA. He had asked to pick her up at his house so they'd get to know each other better. The thought of being in his house made her so nervous. What if she messes up and he decides he doesn't want her again? No, she needs to be positive. He chose her, and nothing is going to go wrong.

She applied her mascara without thinking too much about it this time. She really wanted to impress him.

She dressed casually in a sundress and some flats. Keeping her jewelry basic and spraying her favorite perfume. Waiting for him was killing her, and just in time, her doorbell rang. With her heart in her mouth, she opened the door, meeting a suited-up Alexander is at her doorstep.

It seems like he gets more handsome by the day she thinks.

Chapter end

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